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Talking Reposting as I'm not sure how this all works

+ a little brag about my new baby. ( Joined a few days ago to get some info on Conures.)
'I guess I'm going to have to call him Baby......He added yet another word to his vocabulary. When I sat down this morning next to him as I usually do, he said "Hi, baby" several times. (the new word is "hi".) Such a little smarty pants. We got him on April 27, or so.
He started wolf whisteling the first day....probs from the pet store. Then, First words were "Bab-beee" w/n the first 4-5 days. Then, "here, baby" w/n the next few days...then "come here, baby." Today it's "Hi, baby."

I've had talking birds (budiges and my Pionus) b/f. But, this rate of learning is over-the-top!
1. The reason for my post >>>>>> Question: He doesn't like anything that's wet. Just put some Romaine lettuce in between the bars of his cage attached with a clothes pin. As usual, he was very curious and enthusiastic about anything new......but then tastes, shakes his head like it's nasty and runs away. Later, he'll come back when it's more dried out and tear it up until he finds a substanial piece with a bit of spine/rib and hold it to eat "parts" of it.

Did the same thing this a.m. when I gave him some sprouts. But, never came back to them.
He's done it with other things like slices of carrots.....won't eat them until they dry out a little. Is this a characteristic of conures? Or, just a personal birdy trait? He's a baby and still finding out about the world. And, a silly little clown.

2. He drinks a LOT of water daily. I have to change his water at least once b/c of the seed litter at the bottom of the cup. Today, it there a tremendous amount of seeds (hulled) at the bottom. It looks like regurgitated his feed into the water....??

3. 'nother question: I notice that my posts don't show up on the "New Posts".........what am I missing? I posted this first on my Intro thread, but it seemed to get lost. Just now, I posted it on this Behavior Thead and it's still not showing up as a "New Post". How does one know what the latest posts are?

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