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Pretzel Bird

So I own a birdy pretzel and he is a friggin dorknozzle.

This bird is so weird. He will grab onto a bra strap with one foot and literally roll over so he's hanging upside down by one foot on his back and with wings splayed out. I've watched this bird grab onto my shirt and just straight up summersault in a ball down my shirt/stomach down to my legs, on multiple occasions.

He doesn't give a flying duck how I hold him, at all. It could be in the most awkward positioning possible and the dude just doesn't care! He also has this thing where he honestly really enjoys sleeping on his back. We've decided he isn't a bird whatsoever, hes a dog in hiding. Reptar is the absolutely chillest little guy ever and honestly one of the best things that has ever happened to me.

But TADA~~ Bird pretzel folding himself into pieces.

Disclaimer being that even the weirder positioned pictures, he was okay with it. I never messed with him in a way he wasn't comfortable, and even in the one where I'm holding his wings, he was completely calm at all times and its something we do often. And yes, I am watching Archer 8D. AND ALSO my shredded posters in the background?? Those freaking jerks have destroyed more posters than I can count. I've had three of that exact same Buddha poster and it gets destroyed every time. I give up on that xD

[ Also, apolgize for how bitten up my nails are. Life stuff. ]

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