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Unhappy Accident Last Night

Last night had to be the scariest night of my life by far.

I have had my license and car for about 3 years, and I would say I'm a pretty good driver for being "new" but nobody really has much of a chance when they're up against ice.

I'm on the highway and hit a patch of ice, I start to lose control of the car and I spiral off the highway, into a snowy ditch. I was going between 60 and 70 miles per hour so it wasn't like I just slowly slid off the road, it was violent and fast and I felt like I was being thrown, I had ZERO control of the car and I swear I 100% thought I was going to die. As it was happening I was preparing myself for the absolute worse. I thought my head was gonna bash into a window any second. I thought that was it.

Somehow, with some miracle, I am unscathed and sitting in my seat facing the absolute opposite direction from where I was originally coming from. I am hysterical, and somewhere in my mind I thought that everybody that all the cars that saw it happen would be stopping and coming to my aid. But, no, that was not the case at all, NOBODY stopped. To make things worse, I did not have a cell phone.

I probably stood on the side of the highway in the dark and in the snow trying to wave people down for a good ten minutes before a cop happens to drive by and see. Nobody had bothered to stop to help. I was extremely shaken, could not think straight, wasn't even able to tell the cops where my license was.

A few hours later I finally managed to calm down. That was my first ever accident and it was extremely traumatic. I've never had problems in my car with snow or ice in the past, then the first major snow fall happens this winter and I about die. Ugh...

I am spending quality time with my birdies and just feeling thankful for everything right now.

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