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let me rephrase that, i didn't mean a FULL pellet diet; but a diet with pellets. i know larger birds can have seeds, i just thought it was more of a snack or small portioned add on. what seed would you recommend. higgins looks like they have some healthy combos. would you get a millet base or a safflower base?

also, is roudybush a decent pellet?

Daisy- do you think they would test him if i asked? i would hate to put my flock in danger (though i will admit that i haven't gotten then tested), but i would also be sad not to have the chance to foster a bird. its going to be a long while before i would be able to get one of my own it obviously you be in the same house as my flock, but never in the same room. i wouldn't want any other bird other than a budgie in my room due to safety. bowie would be the most vulnerable, as would any bird if there was a larger parrot.

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