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I had a similarly traumatic situation when I was 19. I was heading to my junior college, and it was the first rain of the season. I was heading downhill around a right hand bend (one way down hill) when the car in the closer lane (two way up hill) crossed the yellow line. I swerved to miss him, and mind you I was only doing 40 or so down this hill, and hit an oil slick and started spinning out of control. I got hit by two cars coming up the hill which broke my seat back in the process, so I was staring at the roof of my car as I was spinning. Anyway, those two cars slowed me down and kept me from going over a giant cliff. I still have some anxiety when weather is bad and I am going around corners or down hills, 15 years later, but nothing major.
The end result is that ptsd, anxiety, or whatever nervousness may come from this aren't uncommon. I don't want to freak you out, only let you know if you do feel uncertain for a longer period of time than you think you "should" its ok and normal. You're right, cars are scary and dangerous. I wish I had known years ago when my anxiety was bad (the first year or two with bad weather afterwords) that is was a normal reaction to traumatic experiences ...I somewhat felt a little weak and silly. Anyway, point being, obviously we are all very glad it was just a close call. But if after it all settles down you still aren't 100% driving, or even with someone else driving, its ok. It's ok if it bothers you more than a day or two, or week or two, or even year or two. I'm a much more aware and cautious driver now, and thankful mine was just a close call too. Hang in there, glad you're safe, and give your babies scritches!
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