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Baby Green Wing macaw refusing formula at 11 weeks old

I have a baby green wing macaw. His name is Robert (wife named him). He is about 11 weeks old. Got him from a friend as a gift. He told me he was about 8 weeks old at the time and I have had him for about 3 weeks. I am not really sure of his age. Can you judge by the pictures?

I have 2 issues.

2 days ago he hasn't been taking all of his Kaytee Exact hand feeding formula for baby macaws. He usually takes about 90cc 3 times a day. I add 4 drops of Bragg's Apple Cider Vineger and 2 drop Multivit CH to his food. He weighs about 1035g at 11 weeks old. He started refusing formula after he has had about 45 - 60cc. I also noticed he is not doing the head bobbing (begging for food) as he used to. Sometimes he doesn't bob at all. He has been panting a bit after playing alot and I took him to vet today who said he has respiratory infection. He gave me antibiotic to feed him orally for 5 days 2x a day. He started refusing food before I gave him the antibiotic.

Second issue, I caught playing with his poop. I caught him 3 times. Don't know if he is eating it but it scared me. I decided to cut up some banana and give to him to see what happens. He ate it all up. This puzzles me. I just fed him formula again and he wasted half. But right after he had a good bit of banana. Also tell me if his poop looks ok.

Other than that he is playing alot and following me around the house. He nibbles on my toes and is always playing with his toys. He isn't acting sick in any way. He is active about 10hrs a day and sleeps about 14hrs a day.

Posted pictures below.

Videos in youtube.

Can you assist me?

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