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Originally Posted by Rezi View Post
Is there a way to delete threads you make? And if so, can someone tell me?

I'm wanting to delete a thread I made a couple days ago because it's really not important or anything.

Can I personally delete the thread, does a mod/admin need to do it, or is it there for the rest of eternity? Hopefully it's not the last option. I don't see this asked anywhere (unless I overlooked it) so yeah.

Go to the thread you want to delete. Click on the 1st post of your thread where you created it.

Click on EDIT.

It will open a new window, then look for GO ADVANCED sitting in a red rectangle, click on Go Advanced and then look up top of the page at the options to delete your thread.

It should work for you.

If it doesn't work then send me a pm and I will delete the thread for you.

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