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Horrible place

Me and Jack went to a pet store yesterday which is sort of like a zoo. It ended up being pretty much an investigation. We got loads of footage of the horrible conditions but I wont put them up on youtube, I will however send them to the RSPCA or SOMETHING that will help. I sold my quaker parrots there and never really had a look around, until yesterday. I was happy to see that my quakers had gone to somebody else but it truly was horrific. I wont say any more about it 'cause I'm just too angry.

The point of this thread is that I wanted to show you a beautiful bird that was being kept there. He is a 50 year old blue and gold macaw. He is not even remotely tame. He never has human interaction. His mate of 40 something years died and he began to rip himself to bits. The owner didn't want a bird who plucked so gave him to this place. The poor bird was then shoved into a puny cage for a macaw, he can't even turn around properly, fed an appauling diet of mainly sunflower and pumpkin seeds and has no water, as his bowl is spilt over. The food and water is on the floor, where he cannot get to it as he is far too big. He has two dowel perches in his cage. Not one single bit of enrichment what so ever. He's put right in the middle of the place where children are walking past, screaming/shouting, prodding him, scaring him until he backs away from them. They shout at him when he lunges at them. The place smells horrific. The cleanliness is appauling. I just can't describe how BAD I felt for this bird. I really do wish I could get my macaw NOW, because if I had the money I'd rather of taken him than any baby any day.

This video shows you that with a kind friendly face, being at his level and talking softly, you can win any bird over! He's a real sweetheart and just needs one person to be with who will love him and respect his boundaries. WHY any animal should be in a place like that I do not know. Bless his little heart

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