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Sell yourself. That is what an interview is - you are something this company needs to buy (i.e. pay you) to make itself better. Know about the company, be ready with answers, be willing to learn however present yourself with a skill set and a willingness to work. I assume you are underage (since the police got involved when someone over 18 approached you) so don't be afraid to stick up for the need for time to do your homework, school things, etc however be willing to work. You can set a few light terms (example: you can't work Thursday night due to higher homework load) - the laws in your area may also set restrictions for you (here 18 and under cannot work after 10 pm or before 5 am and must be off during their school districts regular operating hours).

- Really the biggest thing is to sell yourself. You are an resource they need - the interview is to convince them of that.
- Dress up. You want the job - show you can put forth the effort. Even if jeans are okay wear dress clothes, dress shows, hair done nicely, etc.
- The first impression is made in the first 10 seconds they meet you. Walk with self confidence and self control, don't seem disorganized, walk looking forward but not with your "nose in the air."
- Shake their hand (assuming you are in the U.S.). Shake everyone's you are introduced to. It is friendly gesture, acknowledges the person and is considered a polite and professional way to meet bosses, coworkers, etc.
- Have references available. No need to push them in the interviewer's face however do carry them
- Turn your cell off. Not down - off. Hearing it vibrate is just as bad as it ringing.
- Maintain the "professional" look (self control, smile, shake hands) until you are off the property. Don't celebrate in the hallway or do a jig in the parking lot.
- Be friendly to anyone you meet or are introduced to. If you have to ask directions to someone's office be very courteous - some places do peer interviews and you want to make a good impression with your possible peers.
- Be 15 minutes early. It's not too early to get in their way, however early enough to show you have punctuality for your shift.
- Check you teeth/face before hand. Nothing stuck in your teeth,etc before you walk in.
- Even though you don't work there - pretend you do for politeness/good impressions. No need to jump in do someone's work however hold doors open for people, yield in the elevator, go through doors last, etc. What you would do for customer service if you already worked there. You never know who you are going to see in the hallway (I saw my now director on my way to interview for with my manager - didn't know it at the time but let her on the elevator first, smiled, etc - then the HR person told my director that I was the who they were expecting for the interview). Always take the time and put forth the effort to make a good impression on everyone you run into at the interview.

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