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Well, I tend to sometimes give long winded rambling posts, sometimes short but it's all based on the energy I have available or in reserve, every post, every reply is given great thought into how can I help such a wonderful group of people that do so much for each other and for newly arrived strangers.

But I'm like this on every forum I join, you see I tend to have a bit of spare time on my hands these days due to an injury suffered 4 years ago

It took me from a very busy IT business owner and engineer to unemployable 40+ frustrated artist in constant pain and on some really really strong pain meds

I'm starting to put a few things together in a way of helping out at a place here and there and starting to get back into painting but all of this has caused me to become more thoughtful about life and life's opportunities.

I have always suffered with poor or low self esteem and this current period hasn't helped but here is where the real kicker is, NEVER let anyone see that side of you, force yourself to stand tall, stick your chest out and project confidence.
Because, believe me, if you can hold yourself strong, be true to yourself, project confidence you will become that person.

I have sat and listened to many people over the years, people who have had terrible things done to them, and we have all talked about how we make the good days better and I guess that's where I form the "Rowie-ism's" that I really hope make at least 1 persons day a little at the time

The brain may be the most complex and most amazing organ in a body but the mind is even more so but also fragile unless you work at making it stronger.

The first post in this thread said so much about you Abby, an inner strength, a strong will to move forward and to keep moving.

That is how I know!

The words we use and how we use them builds a picture of the person in my crazy mind, having a pictorial mind can be such a distraction at times

See I told you I could ramble! Sorry Abby and others, somewhere within these words is a message, I hope it didn't get too lost
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