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Originally Posted by MeghanNichol View Post
I still feel like my leos tail will drop every time we handle him! He is calm the first few minutes but then when he realizes he is out of the tank, he takes off! Kind of nerve-racking.. I'm glad you have a clam leo!
Oh, she's calm most of the time but if you make a sudden move she takes off, lol. She's still getting used to us.

Originally Posted by solo View Post
i want a leo they are so cute
They sure are!

Originally Posted by catalinadee View Post
She is gorgeous! When are you getting another?
Not sure when I'll get another, probably not for a while. I'm really tempted though because the breeder I got Gaia from has about 26 eggs incubating right now (some of them are African Fat Tailed Gecko eggs though) and I would love another!

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