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Hi New to Forum

Hi, my name is Tracy and I was referred by Talk Parrotlet Forum. Im thinking about a pet bird and would like to get more information before I settle on a particular breed, any suggestions? I live in an apartment with a roommate and my 12 yr old and think I would like to have a tame hand fed bird and would like to make the best choice possible. I look forward to learning alot!! Have a great day everyone!
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Welcome to the forum a cockatiel is a good starter bird.

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hi and welcome!!

I live in an apt also, with a Grey, a Conure, and a Quaker. Depending on your neighbors, ANY parrot is gonna be loud.

If you've never had a "bigger" parrot, I would do some serious research, and make sure you know what you're getting....a life long commitment. Esp. with the bigger ones, (Greys, Too's, ect) they can out live us with no problem.
And yes, you def wanna get a tame, hand fed, first parent parrot so you can bond with it...and so you're 12 yr old can bond with it too. They pick up our energy, so do your research....

Feel free to ask questions...!!!! That's what we're here for!!!!

My female CAG

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Welcome to the forum!

DIGBY 4-year-old male Congo African Grey
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to the forum! I would recommend a tiel or small conure (NOT a sunny lol, too loud) for you and your 12 year old. One of the Poi species (senegal, red bellied, etc) might be a good option too

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Hi Tracy! It's Jo Anne from Talk Parrotlets. Glad you came on over here. Lots of great people with all different kinds of birds, so you're sure to get some great information!

Keep us posted on what you decide on!

JoAnne, Libby (2/10),Angelina (12/07), and Charley (11/10)
Also owned by Essie,Minnie & Oscar
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Welcome to the forum I had a black capped conure and they're known for being exceptionally quiet in the conure world, conures do tend to be nippy although its all on how you raise them, I my cockatiels they're very sweet natured

LOL yeah Jenny I can usually hear Russel outside the house he's sooo loud when he knows I'm leaving
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Welcome to the forum.

Do you have any idea what type of bird you might like? Do you have any experience with birds at all?

I have several recommendations for apartment birds, but apartments have various regulations and noise level standards.

My first recommendation for a bird who often likes everyone and just makes a great first birds is a female cockatiel. I say female because they are often less noisy, but males are as wonderful in the personality area. Males usually talk and whistle better than females if noise is not a problem. Cockatiels can live a good, long life. Their size is really great, neither tiny nor large. Hand-fed birds generally like to be touched.

Budgies, also commonly simply called parakeets, are great, too. The bird with the largest known vocabulary of all was a budgie. I would still advise getting a handfed budgie, and that is sometimes hard to find.

Some other less common birds that I would recommend without any reservations whatsoever in an apartment and with a child are the other types of grass parakeets. These include bourkes parakeets, splendid or scarlet chested parakeets, turquoisine parakeets, red rumped parakeets, and even princess of wales parakeets. The first three I listed are small, only slightly larger than a budgie. Red rumps are a little larger than those, and princess of wales are even larger. These birds tend to be very gentle souls with sweet voices. They do not usually talk as well as budgies. (The princess of wales may talk better than the smaller ones, but I have no experience with them. I have just heard great things about them.)

Now, if you really want a FUN bird and you can handle some nippiness, then I would recommend a SMALL conure. The commonly available small ones are green cheeks, black caps, maroon bellies, dusky conures, orange front, peach front, or half moon conures. It is very important to select a small conure by personality. Select one you can already handle. If you become afraid of the bird's nips, it will be no fun for you or for the bird. Small conures can learn to bite out of fear, so pick one that doesn't bite too much, but do expect some bites and consider yourself blessed if you end up not having bites.

One large conure I would recommend if noise is NO problem is a blue crown conure. Most blue crown conures are gentle. A few do develop into bad nippers, but that is not common with blue crowns. Again, select one that you play with and know to be gentle.

Another family of birds I would highly recommend, but only if noise is NO problem, would be pionus. Again, handle the bird to be certain you are selecting a gentle one, but a gentle pionus is a very, very gentle bird. Individual pionus can be mean, but if you find a gentle one, and MOST are gentle, it will be very reliable.

Lineolated parakeets are similar to pionus but much smaller. Some of them, even those who are handfed and handled well when they are little, become very nippy and noisy for a time. Just like a pionus, a gentle linnie is a very gentle bird, so finding the right one is the key.

There are also other birds that could be recommended. If you could tell us the kinds of things you would like to be able to do with your bird, that would help us to give better suggestions.

Thanks Shivani for the awesome siggy!
Stanley (bourkes), Roni (senegal), Elisa (lineolated parakeet) and Doug (pacific parrotlet), Daisy (maximilian pionus), Shira (green cheek conure), Ashlynn, (grey), Taylor (princess of wales parakeet), Joelle (quaker), Benny (cockatiel)
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Fantastic post nanay!

Welcome to the forum. We're all super helpful and would love to help you in finding the right bird. Many of us keep a wide variety of species so if you wanna talk about something specific then I'm sure at least one of us will answer you!
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Thank you everyone! Very informative- I will go to a breeder this weekend and cant wait! Ill let you know what I find-
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I know there are many birds available for adoption and wish I had the knowledge to take an older bird. I have owned birds before but not one that was tame or could be handled much and this time I want a tame single bird to interact with as it would be the only pet in the house.
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