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New to the forum - need advice on my first bird!

Hi everyone,

I wanted to hop on an active form to hopefully get some advice from some expert bird owners like the lot of you. I've interacted with a few friends' birds for a few years now, and I think I'd really like to get one of my own. The mess and the caring needs don't bother or scare me one bit, and I actually find a bit of bird song and chirping in the house to be quite nice (though keep in mind, my friends do not own larger parrots who scream, so I'm looking to avoid a bird THAT vocal).

From my research thus far I know I'm looking for a medium sized parrot, but there's some stipulations I have to make sure I can give a bird the best home for who I am and my routines, and I'm getting some conflicting information. I'd gone to an exotic bird store earlier today and the experience just made me feel sad for the birds there - so I'm assuming I'd be looking at phoning up a breeder for the particular species I'm interested in.

I'm a 31 year old professional, and as such, I'm away from home during working hours - typically I'm out from around 10 am until 7 pmish. I typically go to bed around 1 am. Additionally, I'm also a musician that records at home. Before the obvious "well, you can't own a bird then," know that most of the stuff I do doesn't actually require quiet, until I'm ready for vocals on a song, and typically that only takes 4-6 hours. I was thinking that for the one time in 6 weeks or so (that's the average) that I need to record vocals, I can take my feathered friend on a field trip just for the day to a friend's house.

I'm after a bird that's:

- Personable - likes to be around you, sit on your shoulder, perch on your finger, and interact with you. Snuggling is optional, but I wouldn't mind being able to rub/scratch the back of its head and actually have the bird enjoy it

- Decent with visitors - I don't have visitors over often, but I'd like it if the bird was not stressed out by the occasional visitor. I also have a roommate! I can't own a bird that would strongly attach itself to ONLY one person and bite the other

- Not excessively noisy - I *do* live in a condo, so I have neighbors. A little noise is fine, screaming isn't.

- Can deal with the hours I have to work. I plan on having as much out of cage time for it as soon as I'm home. I won't be able to *constantly* interact with it, of course, but I'm guessing the bird would have at least 3 hours a day on average of heavy attention. Weekends, likely more.

- Doesn't mind my music. I don't compose or listen to it at excessive volumes, but if a bird is sensitive to music noise, probably not a good idea. Their cage will be in the living room, not my bedroom, however, which is where I'd compose, but I'd like it if the bird could feel comfortable in my room if it wanted to follow me through the house.

The species I've researched so far that I like are:

- Senegals
- Myers
- Caiques

That being said, I'm open to other suggestions. I'd really like to hear the opinions of those of you here on which bird might be best for me (again, knowing that there's wide variance in the species, I can only get a good recommendation, and that I understand).

Thanks for your input!
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Welcome to the forum!

If you're up for caique ownership, which can be difficult, then I recommend getting two. You work long hours and for a bird to be on their own all day every day for that long it would be unfair to not allow them to have a flock mate. Caiques thrive off playing with one another, so two caiques are better than one! Poicephalus parrots, like the Senegal and Meyer's, are often one person birds and so if you don't want them being funny with other people, or choosing them over yourself, then that may not be a good choice

Caiques are like Tasmanian devils, but they're a lot of fun for those who have the guts to take them on

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I'd vote for poicephalus, but I'm biased! And as a general rule they'd rather not have a friend. They are perfectly happy on their own. Oh and pois are generally much quieter and better self entertainers than caiques. Of course, every bird is different.

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I met someone with a myers who described them exactly how you have described the bird you are looking for. They love that bird and have zero complaints. I researched them myself and found other people say the same. Also, that Myers are less likely to be one person birds over senegals. A breeder of both species told me that, and she also said from her experience, myers are more easy going than senegals generally. Let us know what you decide.

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I would agree also with the Pionus, they are calm and quieter birds. Caiques definitely need to be a pair, i owned brother and sister pair since i did not want them to breed. They are fun and crazy little clowns. But can be noisy. Good luck and hope you join us with a bird soon. I have had birds all my life and was in the hand raising business for years. Hand fed hunderds of different babies and species. Then my personal flock grew to 28 and i started having health problems where i could not take care of that many birds. I reduced and reduced and finally ended up with 2. Greenwing who is my life and blue and gold macaw. But my birds seemed like they were missing something or someone. So i recently adopted a grey and panama amazon. The amazon was the missing link. Within days my room became alive and happy again. So 4 is my number since i never want to have to go threw the reducing thing again. That was heart breaking. These birds that i added are older birds. So you might even want to give an older bird a chance. The grey is 19 and its original owner died. She is as sweet as can be. The amazon is 32 and just so loving. This is coming from someone who only believed in getting a baby and raising it myself. We all like babies but there are so many birds out there that need a forever and loving home. Please when adding to your flock give it thought. If its not for you then dont but if you could please try to.
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