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Thread Description: New parrot owner

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Hi all! Goodness I've been planning on making an account on this site for ages but every time I am about ready to something comes up! Well, I'm here now!

I'm a relatively new bird owner myself--my husband has had a cockatiel named Bella for 9 years, and I have lived with her for about a year and a half now.
Here's a cute picture of her!

Recently--and by recently I mean about a week ago--One of our family friends became unable to care for his parrots and asked if we could take them in. We obliged, and now have two very sweet conures!

Their names are Durango and Cookie. They have a bit of an interesting history.

Durango is the Nanday conure. He's actually a rescue from an abusive home. He lived with our friend for years without ever making a sound louder than a quiet croak (a noise he now makes to express that he's comfortable), but has developed more confidence over the years since he has been away. He's still very sensitive, and is super cuddly. He gets very sad if he doesn't get one on one cuddle time! He loves to head bob into people to get more pets, he's super cute.

Cookie is the Jenday Conure, and (s)he is part of the reason Durango is doing as well as he does. In their old home the two of them bonded more than any of the other birds, and if one was out of the cage he/she would try to get in to the other one's cage to be with them. Eventually the old owner decided to buy a much larger cage (it's about 6 feet tall, 6 feet wide, 3 feet deep) for them to share since they were so determined to be near one another.

Before their move here, circumstances made their owner unable to keep the flock, and birds were slowly rehomed. The loss of their flock members and the new people living in the home caused a great deal of stress, and the once family-birds became only close to one member of the family---and they became pretty aggressive towards anyone else.

However, since the move here they have been doing surprisingly well. They've bonded to my husband more than to me, but even towards me they are patient and not aggressive. After giving them some days to relax and get used to the environment they were begging to be let out. The birds we knew as being prone to bite were suddenly sweeties expecting scritches and cuddle time. It was incredible!

But unfortunately something happened--we don't know what, but Cookie hurt her wing. We took her to the vet and confirmed it is not broken, and the vet couldn't find any signs of external injuries or wounds, but the poor girl is just miserable. She holds the wing away from her body and it quivers. She is able to fly on it, during a water bowl change she did decide to take off despite her shaking wing, and she flew like normal. The vet does suggest not letting her fly any more than she already has and to give her cage rest.

Here are some pictures of her during the vet visit in the travel cage.

We don't actually know the parrot's sexes for sure. Durango was called "he" in his original home but no one did any DNA tests, nor did anyone do any for Cookie. My husband thinks they are both males as neither has laid eggs, but, I did laugh--our experience is a bit different, having a female cockatiel after all, because they can be quite like chickens with their egg laying habits.

I'm still very nervous about Cookie's wing. The avian vet assures me it will be fine and to just watch for a wing. She seems to go through waves of pain, though, where she will just sit there shaking that poor wing. Durango tends to cuddle up to her when she gets like this, which is pretty sweet, even literally having one wing over her. Once these waves pass though she acts back to normal and even places the wing in the correct position.

Anyway... These are our birds... We are hoping Cookie continues to heal and that they continue to do well and adjust to us and our home! They are too sweet, really, just the best birds.
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Hi and welcome,you have a beautiful flock.. I hope Cookie makes a full recovery!
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Very beautiful birds. Welcome to the forum

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Hi there! That is so sweet of Durango to take care of Cookie!

Mommy to Miss Kauai and Miss Chanel
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Welcome to the forum! Your little flock of 3 is very beautiful I'm sorry to hear about her wing, I hope she recovers soon

- Alexandrine parakeets Kona, Peaches, George (missing), Holly (RIP), & Orange winged Amazon parrot Paulie
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Thanks so much for the warm welcome!!

Cookie is still feeling sore, but today she danced as I sang to her, which she hasn't done since the injury, so I think she's starting to feel more like herself!

Now I just wonder when Bella will stop giving us such a 'tude about the new birds...
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It sounds like there is some soft tissue damage. Something like a torn ligament or muscle, perhaps it is just bruised. Either way sometimes the pain from such damage is as great or greater than if it were a broken bone. Depending on the type of soft tissue damage it can even take as long to heal, however going by your description of Cookies behavior since the injury, I think she just bruised things a bit and should heal up pretty quickly.
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Beautiful birds! Thank you for sharing their photos and their stories.

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