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Here to learn and love

Hi my name is Mary,
My Hahn's Macaw name is Socrates he is 9 months old. He can say a few words - hello, com here, whatcha doin. He mumbles a lot during the day I call it bird talk. He's everything I wanted in a bird. He does have some odd habits. He flaps while hang on to the cage. He bathes a lot during the day. Is this the norm and what is a good age to introduce him to another bird (Quaker parrot)?
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Hi Mary welcome to you and Socrates to the forum. The odd habit of Socrates hanging on to the bars of the cage and flapping like a mad thing is pretty common in most birds. They molt their feathers and get new growth in often so when they flap like this they are getting blood flow into their new feathers and also stretching out their feathers and getting them in a good position to lie in on their body. Its also a form of exercise and very common.

Bathing daily is a good thing and some birds love to bath a few times a day, I see more bathing happening with my bird when he's getting new feathers in or if its hot in the house during certain times of the year depending on the weather. The water cools them down and helps them get the bird dust/dander from their feathers they get when molting. Its great your bird likes to bath!

Bringing another bird into the fold can happen any time, just make sure you quarantine your new bird for 30 days before you introduce him/her to Socrates to make sure you aren't bringing in any illness to your current birds life.

We love pics here so please feel free to share any you have of Socrates with us.
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Hi Mary,
welcome to our forum!

The best thing for Sokrates would be if you bought him a Hahn's macaw lady.
It would make him very happy.
Another parrot species would be better than no other bird, but they could never become close friends because they speak different languages.
Could that be an option for you?
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Yuki Paulchen
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Hello and welcome to the forum!

Birds can be introduced at any age, if they don't like one another that could just be their own issue and not an issue of age. As for those behaviours, yeah they're normal

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Thanks for your responses. It does my heart good to know others care.
Socrates doesn't like bathing. Any suggestions, also is vinegar/water (in a spray) harmful to my little boy during a bath. I am not using it currently - I wanted to weigh the pros & cons before I tried it. Of course I would not use it near his face or eyes. I notice he itches a lot, he had a Avian checkup and he is healthy, has no other contact with other birds. Your help is appreciated.
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Try misting your bird buy a new spray bottle from a dollar store and put warm water in it set the nozzle to spray a mist make sure you don't have it set to shoot a fine sharp stream as the sharp stream can scare your bird and its not comfortable if this hits them directly.

I put my budgie on top of the cage on a perch with a towel under him then I aim the bottle to spray up over his head and body then
quietly and slowly spray a shower of mist to rain down on him, he likes this a lot!

At first I had to practice and learn how to pump the handle/trigger of the bottle quietly and slowly as the sound of your hand pumping the trigger can spook your bird at first, the sound as well as the motion of your moving your hand quickly can make the bird nervous. So practice while standing at the sink until you have it figured out how to do this.

The mist is light and feels soft and warm on the bird so he will catch on soon what's happening and happily spread its wings and turn around to allow more mist to land on his body. Take your time when misting him talk to him and make happy encouraging sounds to make him excited so he enjoys the shower, talking to him while misting will help mask the sound of the pumping of the bottles handle as well!


If your bird enjoys to eat greens like lettuce or chard or spinach you can put some leaves in a shallow dish of water and leave it on top of the cage or where your bird like to hang out. I've gotten a bunch of my birds to bath by enticing them to reach into a water bath of veggie greens.

Also, you can just wet a bunch of leaves and leave them hung up in the cage or on top of the cage and allow the bird to wiggle and wash on the leaves. This is another option your bird might like doing to have a bath.

Good luck!

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