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Any Advice?????

When I got home today, I took the dog out for a walk and I let Rio come along for the ride. Done this the last 2 days. Was a bit of a nightmare getting the harness on him but once it was on, he seemed fine. Ive tried to introduce it to him slowly like the instructions say but he has never been keen on it at all. The breeder I got him from had it on him all the time and he was fine with it, but for some strange reason, he doesnt like me coming near him with it in my hand!!

Its very fiddly to get on and off but I think he likes being out with me and Snoop for the walk and while on the move, he seems to forget the harness is even there!! Its something Im gonna have to do with them as often as possible and in different areas too, just to let him get used to the harness and being outside.

I have been a little worried about Rio lately as he seems to be chewing a lot of his feathers. Not plucking them out or anything, just chewing at them. All under his wings and his legs are a mess but his chest, wings and tail are all fine and in great shape. This was something that he started doing when we left him at that garden centre back in October while Kaye and I went on our honeymoon. Prior to this, he was feather perfect!

The last couple of days, if hes in his cage, he just seems to sit on one perch and only move for his breakfast or his evening meal. If I take him outside to his outdoor cage, he just sits on one perch and doesnt really do much. If I let him out of his cage into our sitting room, he either sits on top of his cage doing nothing or sits on his Java perch doing nothing or at the very most, he will preen! I should say, that hes only ever in his cage in the morning when im at work but when I get home and get settled, he is out till tea time, then out again till around 8pm, sometimes later.

This is why I have made more of an effort to take him with me when I take Snoop out for his afternoon walk. I guess im hoping that the new sites and sounds that he is seeing, will maybe perk him up a bit. But im also worried that the harness might be making him un-easy!

He has loads of toys that get changed around every few weeks, he has a good, varied diet and he gets loads of time out of his cage. He gets plenty of showers and I try to do target and trick training with him as often as I can but maybe not as often as I should!!! So im kinda out of ideas!

Can anyone suggest anything to help us out?!?!?!

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