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I ended up not making it to the vets and had to cancel due to my son being sick all over the kitchen floor!!! Great, another invalid in the house!!!

Rio has been a bit better today though. He is eating at least but only accepting treats from hand. Still no interest in toys. Very little talking, squawking or any noise really! He just always looks fed up and sleepy and a lot of preening been going on.

Rio's poo's have always been a mix and match but his diet is also varied so I can expect to see different colours, textures etc but the last few days, they have been runny white with solid green????

I have given him some apple cider vinegar in his water just incase he does have a bug of some sort but the vet was determined he did not look ill and figured it would be a waste to take blood samples and would only cause more un-needed stress.

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