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Scariest beak to trim!

I've never coped (talon and beak trimming and reshaping) any of my own raptors. I have a very good friend who comes and does it for me. Usually he casts the bird and trims them at the same time but because I wanted to learn I took part. I held Chalkie for him, and held his beak open etc to do the sides of his beak. The poor guy got chomped BAD! I've never been bitten by a Harris hawk but it doesn't look like fun I filed the sides down and reshaped the tip. I also got to trim his talons. I just blunt the ends a bit so he wont puncture his feet. Gotta admit, I still don't think I'm overly comfortable doing it, but I do know how! Maybe next time I'll be okay

Here's it before

And after...

We left more of the length on that we usually do as being as it was the first one he'd had in a while because he's been living loose and we didn't want to take more off. I'll file it a little more in a few weeks
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