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Spoiled Eclectus

So my male Eclectus doesn't want to eat on it own he eats a lot but I still have to hand feed him 2 times a day to make sure he stays healthy, he only plays with food and breaks his pellets but I really do not think he is eating all that much on its own. He was born 05/01 this year is he ever going to try? I no longer give him formula instead I grind pretty bird pellets for eclectus and hand feed him until his crop is full I don't mind feeding him at all; but what can I do to at list make him try? He makes a mess but doesn't eat anything until I come home
and feed him I know this because the poop size is really small. What can I do? he is so spoiled and loud when he gets hungry and I really don't want him developing psychological issues so I will keep on hand feeding him and I will try to make him veggies and fruit smoothies after all that is what I am there for😅 why bother with the solids when Dad can give him liquid food right? 😉
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