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Unhappy How to discourage biting?

My lovebird has been VERY bitey and has drawn blood multiple times. She usually bites when I'm interrupting something she's doing such as trying to jump off the table, chew my keyboard, eating from the trashcan, being on my shoulder/trying to get on my shoulder, sleeping uncomfortably(for me) in my shirt, etc. I've tried ignoring it, which is *very* painful, and doesn't seem to stop her biting, or pushing into her beak - she simply walks backward along with my finger or bites harder, or blowing into her face, or putting her back into her cage. There's not much I can distract her with seeing as she never plays with her toys or anything else for that matter. I also heard that I could distract her by starting small training sessions every time she bites, but I dont want her to think that every time she bites, she'll get to have treats. I've tried giving her a foraging box to forage in and it kept her busy for a bit, but as soon as she's finished with it she went straight back to doing any of the following I've listed above. The one tactic I havent tried is putting something bitter on my finger but I don't think she'd be able to taste it if she only used her beak. But even if it did decrease her biting, she'd still feel bitter about me. I can really use all the help/advice I can get. Thank you!
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