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  1. nanay
    10-30-2011 06:48 AM - permalink
    Both the males and females are beautiful, then, but in different ways.
  2. xoxsarahxox
    10-29-2011 07:42 PM - permalink
    No he has lost the tail barring and most of his rump barring, males will lose the tail barring after their first moult whereas females keep the barring, and in the case of whitefaces the females keep the grey face and the males moult in a white face.
  3. nanay
    10-29-2011 07:24 PM - permalink
    What does his back look like now? Does he still have the stripes down his back and tail?
  4. xoxsarahxox
    10-29-2011 06:52 PM - permalink
    Yes that picture was taken when Cupid was only like 3 or 4 months old now hes 8 months old and has moulted in his adult feathers and his big boy white face
  5. nanay
    10-29-2011 06:44 PM - permalink
    Oh, wait, I just now read your parrot information. I see yours is a male, but he is cinnamon. Benny is not cinnamon, but his pattern and markings are just like Cupid's.
  6. nanay
    10-29-2011 06:42 PM - permalink
    Her cockatiel looks EXACTLY like your white face! I didn't know it until I saw the photograph in your profile. Is your white face a male or a female? How old is it?

    We are very happy about the baby, whom she has named Benny - unless it turns out to be a girl.
  7. xoxsarahxox
    10-29-2011 06:40 PM - permalink
    I see you got a cockatiel Cant wait to hear about him/her!
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