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Conversation Between ollieandme and nikol witch
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  1. nikol witch
    06-05-2013 06:57 PM - permalink
    nikol witch
    The macaw on my avatar isnt mine,but i have yes a blue gold macaw....well actually,the macaw makes the most noise,not even the cockatoo,or the african grey or the senegals or the cockatiel....the macaw is a devil,its handfed yes.
  2. ollieandme
    06-05-2013 06:18 PM - permalink
    They're doing good cheeky as ever! How's your flock? Does it get very noisy at your place?
    I love your avatar photo! Your macaw is beautiful is s/he tame?
  3. nikol witch
    06-05-2013 03:07 PM - permalink
    nikol witch
    Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii how are you and your little souls doing?
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