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Abby 11-18-2014 02:10 PM

Accident Last Night
Last night had to be the scariest night of my life by far.

I have had my license and car for about 3 years, and I would say I'm a pretty good driver for being "new" but nobody really has much of a chance when they're up against ice.

I'm on the highway and hit a patch of ice, I start to lose control of the car and I spiral off the highway, into a snowy ditch. I was going between 60 and 70 miles per hour so it wasn't like I just slowly slid off the road, it was violent and fast and I felt like I was being thrown, I had ZERO control of the car and I swear I 100% thought I was going to die. As it was happening I was preparing myself for the absolute worse. I thought my head was gonna bash into a window any second. I thought that was it.

Somehow, with some miracle, I am unscathed and sitting in my seat facing the absolute opposite direction from where I was originally coming from. I am hysterical, and somewhere in my mind I thought that everybody that all the cars that saw it happen would be stopping and coming to my aid. But, no, that was not the case at all, NOBODY stopped. To make things worse, I did not have a cell phone.

I probably stood on the side of the highway in the dark and in the snow trying to wave people down for a good ten minutes before a cop happens to drive by and see. Nobody had bothered to stop to help. I was extremely shaken, could not think straight, wasn't even able to tell the cops where my license was.

A few hours later I finally managed to calm down. That was my first ever accident and it was extremely traumatic. I've never had problems in my car with snow or ice in the past, then the first major snow fall happens this winter and I about die. Ugh...

I am spending quality time with my birdies and just feeling thankful for everything right now.

catalinadee 11-18-2014 02:24 PM

I know I've already spoken to you about this today, but I'm still really sorry it has happened to you! My mom drove us into a wall once and it hurt my side a little but it wasn't exactly traumatic. You had a really bad experience! Has it knocked your confidence driving or do you feel you can get back to it without worrying too much? I'm glad you're okay!

Abby 11-18-2014 02:29 PM

I really appreciate all the concern my family and friends and forum mates have shown so far. I don't wanna look like I'm trying to make this dramatic, or get people to feel sorry for me, but it was extremely, EXTREMELY terrifying and has really shaken me up. I still can't get the images and scene out of my head, it keeps replaying and the hopelessness and desperate feelings I had when I was frantically trying to find help is fresh and really hurtful to think about.

The car is messed up. You can't see damage on the outside but it shakes/vibrates real bad when I drive it.

Flapping Mama 11-18-2014 02:50 PM

Thank God that you are nor injured!
I can imagine you were terrified, snow and ice are so dangerous.
I hope you come over it soon.

Abby 11-18-2014 03:02 PM

Thank you Karin!

SoCalTiels 11-18-2014 03:17 PM

Thank God, Zeus, Jupiter, whatever the heck you believe in, that you came out of this unscathed and safe. Cannot even imagine what you went through, and even as a stranger here, but I'm so beyond glad that you are alright. Went through a horrible crash the very first day I had my license with an animal on the road and it ended with the car up a tree. I am so incredibly sorry that no one stopped to help or see what was wrong, that was probably worse than the crash itself. :/

There is no attention seeking in this, and don't even let yourself consider that in explaining what happened and letting us know that you are alright. The fact that you're okay is all the matters.

ParrotletsRock 11-18-2014 04:05 PM

So happy you are ok Abby, we love you here on the forums and would be devastated to lose you! Too bad your car is messed up , but better it than you. I hope you get your confidence back soon!

BirdCrazyJill 11-18-2014 04:19 PM

I am so glad you are ok!!! how scary for you, I am happy nothing happened to you. I'm sure you are so shaken up! I few years ago I was on my way to take an exam early in the morning and a deer jumped out in front of my car! I ended up just plowing into him going like 40 and was able to keep going, he just smashed up my headlight and front fender, but I honestly have been paranoid ever since! I hope you don't have the same thing. It's so hard when it is out of our control. Thank goodness that cop stopped, I can't believe nobody stopped to help you! :eek:

4thebirds 11-18-2014 04:41 PM

My goodness, I am so glad you are ok!

Sparrow 11-18-2014 06:11 PM

Thank the Lord you're okay!! Your car can be replaced, but you definitely can't! I'm so sorry no one stopped to make sure you were okay. I had a similar experience in upstate New York before we moved to Florida. I was driving our Jeep CJ7 alone coming home from work, it was dark and I hit a patch of "black ice" and I also started sliding wirth no control of the Jeep. It was terrifying!! I finally stopped, facing the complete opposite direction I was going. It was amazing I wasn't killed by oncoming cars or hitting a tree. I hated driving in the snow after that. It took a little while before I could get past it and could drive in the snow/ice again. The important thing is you're okay!!:hug:

Abby 11-18-2014 06:23 PM

You guys are truly incredible. So much love! I've missed you all and this forum, you'll sure be seeing more of me than you have recently.

I am hesitant about driving but I have no choice, I have to drive to my job and to my boyfriend's and everything else. I am so much more cautious than I was before, and that's not a bad thing whatsoever.

Cars are so scary. They are convenient, yes, but they cause so much heartbreak and devastation.

I remember I was in the seventh grade and I came home to my mom very upset. She told my that my 18-year-old cousin, Nathan, had gotten in a very serious car wreck. He was driving down a country road (completely sober) to bring his fiance home from work. Somehow he drifted a little too far into the left lane, and a semi truck smashed into him. They violently swerved around and the passenger side was facing another oncoming car, and that car (probably going 50 mph or more) smashed into the passenger's side, killing his fiance instantly. My mom kept a lot of gruesome details from me as I was young, but when I continued asking questions, she told me that when they found his fiance, they couldn't even tell if she was a boy or girl.

It makes me ball my eyes out to this day. I never met his fiance as they lived very far from us, but I knew that he was truly in love with this girl, despite their young age. He was in the hospital for quite some time. I went with my mom and family to visit him, and it was so terrible seeing him in the state. He obviously wasn't with it, wasn't talking, in and out of sleep, very seriously and brutally injured.

I wasn't there for when he finally asked about Cassie. But it tears me apart to think about how his mother had to sit there and tell him that the love of his life was gone due to the accident he had caused. I could never, EVER imagine how that must have felt. I don't think I'd be able to bare that, especially at only 18 years old.

I saw her obituary and she was absolutely gorgeous, young and had so much ahead of her. It kills me to think about and I don't even know her, Nathan must have felt like the world had come to a brutal end.

After that he got into some really bad stuff, really struggled, but who could blame him? He had a really hard time moving on for a few years. But now he has another amazing fiance and a wonderful 1 year old baby boy, and he seems so incredibly happy and alive. I think he's in his mid twenties now.

Just wanted to share that with you all because it actually crosses my mind quite a lot.

wyrinth 11-18-2014 08:15 PM

So glad you're ok. Car accidents are nerve wracking. :(

Rainbow 511 11-18-2014 08:38 PM

So glad that you are okay! As someone who has had her share of mishaps in the snow and ice, I agree that it is no fun and can be very tramatizing. I'm glad that you made it home safely. Enjoy your bird friends cuddling and stay home and warm. Cars can be fixed and it will all melt eventually.

catalinadee 11-19-2014 03:11 AM

Oh my gosh, that poor couple :( I'm so sorry he has had to go through that. I can only imagine how he feels and I don't think I want to. How is he holding up now?

Abby 11-19-2014 01:14 PM

Like I said, he is in a great place. He's in his mid twenties now and he has a 1 year old son and a fiance. :)

Runnergirl 11-22-2014 01:33 AM

I had a similarly traumatic situation when I was 19. I was heading to my junior college, and it was the first rain of the season. I was heading downhill around a right hand bend (one way down hill) when the car in the closer lane (two way up hill) crossed the yellow line. I swerved to miss him, and mind you I was only doing 40 or so down this hill, and hit an oil slick and started spinning out of control. I got hit by two cars coming up the hill which broke my seat back in the process, so I was staring at the roof of my car as I was spinning. Anyway, those two cars slowed me down and kept me from going over a giant cliff. I still have some anxiety when weather is bad and I am going around corners or down hills, 15 years later, but nothing major.
The end result is that ptsd, anxiety, or whatever nervousness may come from this aren't uncommon. I don't want to freak you out, only let you know if you do feel uncertain for a longer period of time than you think you "should" its ok and normal. You're right, cars are scary and dangerous. I wish I had known years ago when my anxiety was bad (the first year or two with bad weather afterwords) that is was a normal reaction to traumatic experiences ...I somewhat felt a little weak and silly. Anyway, point being, obviously we are all very glad it was just a close call. But if after it all settles down you still aren't 100% driving, or even with someone else driving, its ok. It's ok if it bothers you more than a day or two, or week or two, or even year or two. I'm a much more aware and cautious driver now, and thankful mine was just a close call too. Hang in there, glad you're safe, and give your babies scritches!

MissyBird 12-07-2014 07:58 AM

I HATE ice! Especially black ice you don't know is there. The feeling of not having control is so scarey and nerve wracking. It's really sad that no one stopped to help. I am really glad that you are ok. Glad you are enjoying time with your babies.

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