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TAZ_RATAZ 05-11-2015 03:11 PM

Need a diet change
I have a Military macaw that I have owned for about 3 years now. I have made a couple attempts to get him off the seed diet and onto a pellet diet. I have tried different ways such as incorporating it into his seed dish but he won't touch it. I've tried it solo for a couple days and he started to show signs of Bolemia. He will eat dish after dish of raw natural sunflower seeds but nothing as far as fruits and vegetables. The previous owner told me that he enjoys table scraps. Which I do give to him on occasion. If anybody has experience with this type of nutaholic diet please give me an idea. Cause all my efforts have failed. Thanks

clawnz 05-11-2015 04:52 PM

Have you tried sprouting for him?
And total conversion to pellets is not a sound idea.
Fruit vege and nuts I would consider a better option.
But I am biased when it comes down to manufactured, or processed foods my any of my birds. I don't even use any manufactured supplements unless my vet says it is the only way. We always try to find a holistic way around things now.

But as for getting him to try new foods, it is never easy.
Presentation, location, timing.
Think diced, sliced, cubed, hanging up what sort of tray or dish, even the colour of the dish.
Timing. First thing in the morning is when he will be most hungry, so new foods then and his old foods in the pm.
I think you have a clue already. With table scraps. I am guessing he takes an interest in what you eat, so pretend to eat something and then offer him some.
Be prepared to keep throwing food away.

You can add other seeds and grains you can add to his mix and cut back on Sunflower seeds. A few will not do any harm. But do need to be limited.
If he is only eating the Sunflower seeds you may need to remove them altogether for awhile.
Keep weight checks if you have any doubts about the amount he is eating while you are trying things.

TAZ_RATAZ 05-12-2015 12:48 PM

Thanks. You have some ideas I will try. He's a real stickler when it comes to those seeds. If I put a dish of something else he has a tantrum and starts chucking the food around. So yes I understand there will be alot of wasted food. Appreciate your input

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