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Lama2005 05-21-2020 03:49 PM

Behaviour help
About 2 weeks ago I got a 8 month old Quaker parrot. For the first few days he was very quite and the more he got used to me the more vocal he got. When we are alone he is relatively quite. He "sings" in the morning until I wake up and if I leave him alone for to long he starts screaming but the thing that kind of brothers me is that whenever someone comes into my room and starts talking to me he would start screaming as loud as possible until they stop talking sometimes even if he hears someone talking to me outside of my room he would start screaming. He does this thing with songs to it's like he is trying to be louder then the song or the person talking and I don't understand why or how to stop this behaviour.

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Mr Peepers 05-22-2020 09:41 AM

Congratulations on getting a new Birb friend ... I'm not surprised at all that your new friend is being a little possessive of you and your time by yelling loudly .... most birds do this to show you are important to them and practically their MATE!

Don't yell at him to stop ... this is never a good idea. Calmly walk over to his cage and put a treat he really loves to eat in front of him, something such as a little chunk of millet it will keep him occupied while you try to talk to a friend or even when you are the phone. When you leave the room and he starts to scream just close the door so he gets the idea that you won't be coming back when he continues to scream. All birds will "Flock Call" when you leave the room, this is to show you and tell you how to return to where he or they are, this happens with birds in the wild so it will also happen in your home.

When you are returning back to the room try to do it when he is quiet and not BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP'ing loudly. Walk in and praise his good behavior, he will get the idea he needs to keep quiet as you are reinforcing a good sound of quiet with him. Birds are very intelligent and will figure out what's good and bad. You need to get in his little head and train him to behave.

Also .... he is new. 2 weeks is nothing when it comes to a new bird adjusting to your home so this loud or distracting behavior is common and he is trying to train you and show you he is frightened and a little scared when you are communication with others ... by phone or in person. So he is unsure and needs your re-insurance.

Give him time to adjust more to your life and home .... he has a way to go yet. He's new so the sights sounds and activity in your home is all new and he is unsure. He knows you feed him, love him, play with him and give him all he needs, so he will scream to keep you close because he is nervous when you are not communicating and beside him.

It will get better over time.

Good luck!

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