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  1. Sign in Salem Oregon
  2. What kind of bird is this?
  3. Pigeon Wise Guys.........
  4. Run little kid, drop your bike and run FAST!
  5. Hey! Wait for me!
  6. Take me to your leader!
  7. Peas YUCK.... but this duck doesn't think so
  8. Well this is a costly capture..............
  9. Give a little kiss, do a little dance!
  10. Your Daily Weather, share your weather with us!
  11. I am hoping the crane got awayyyyyyy
  12. Invisible Birb
  13. Birb must be confused
  14. Hello, do you have a moment to talk about the Lord Jesus Christ?
  15. Well this is different!
  16. DuckNanners
  17. Those of you who own a cat and want to celebrate Xmas
  18. Now THIS! is a Birb House
  19. Canada Geese... Don't take no gufffffff
  20. Peep Bread..... FAIL!
  21. WEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
  22. There's a Hawk at the door............
  23. As cool as this would be I would be worried ....
  24. Some artists are just TOO Talented!
  25. Soon I will be a mama
  26. The birds in this neighborhood are dumb!
  27. Nicely done
  28. Best Buds!
  29. THIEF! Another fly by birb theft........
  30. Cockatiel Behavior !
  31. Happy Thanksgiving to our American Friends
  32. Just another day in Alaska
  33. Smart Birb!
  34. Mmm, dead dog for lunch
  35. Bird of Paradise Hook Up?
  36. I'll have a 12 pack of McNuggets and some fries with that........
  37. Come my baby birbs! Let's roll... then fly!
  38. Very clever!
  39. Fly by robbery
  40. Okayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? LOL
  41. Don't tell me what to do!
  42. Okay Jeff..............................
  43. New Incubating Nest
  44. Chicken show's a dog who's really the big chicken
  45. Common Cranes Flying over Venice
  46. Everyone loves that warm cuppa coffee in the morning
  47. Sometimes birbs are just utter JERKS.....
  48. I wish I was there to see this LIVE!
  49. Mama, wait for me! My feets is borked here!
  50. A Sunday Funny Birb joke..........
  51. Birb in a bag returned to mate
  52. Birb in a tee shirt
  53. This little boy ......
  54. Flamingo man
  55. I dreamed I ate a HUGE Pizza!
  56. Smart birb using tools..........
  57. Perfect timing
  58. Clicker Trained Hen plays Piano
  59. Ouch!
  60. Ducks on Drugs..............................
  61. Bad Woodpecker causes damage to several cars
  62. Am I drunk?
  63. I have no idea where this is........ BUT
  64. Amazing wood sculpture
  65. It's time for you to make friends in the pond....
  66. Basket of YAPPPPS!
  67. Magpies that want to poke your eye out!
  68. Police warn of Aggressive Turkeys
  69. Okaaaayyyy?
  70. Tap Tap, yes it sounds like this is ready
  71. They said our love can never be...........
  72. HI! You're home!
  73. I would have screamed if I saw this on my Security cam
  74. Ah dang...... come on MOVE OVER!
  75. Rare crested Caracara spotted in New Brunswick Canada
  76. Happy Thanksgiving to all our Canadian Members
  77. Skateboard Birb!
  78. I gotta get these!
  79. Magpies or Crows?
  80. Sometimes I wanna kick people in their butts
  81. Young elephant playing with a Canada goose
  82. An Expensive Chew Toy
  83. I don't know what this tiny birb is
  84. Beak or Bill Wars!
  85. FLY Bye Robbery!
  86. Silly birbs attack golfers
  87. What the heck kind of bird is this?
  88. Damn Poop Hawks!
  89. Blorbed Blob Animals
  90. Messing with the cat!
  91. Fly By NOM
  92. I dunno what it is.....
  93. I've seen dogs and cats watching tv/movies
  94. A confused Pecker
  95. A New Remake or an old Hitchcock Movie?
  96. Ooooops, scuse me!
  97. Another smart birb
  98. Who knew??????????????
  99. I'm MELTING!
  100. Well.......
  101. The look on the fish's face says it all....
  102. Confused lil Hummer
  103. Mine!
  104. The Flamingo and Bear encounter
  105. Peek a Boo WHO!
  106. STOP! Ya Thief!
  107. Funniest Video I've seen in a long time!
  108. Another new freaky birb!
  109. LOL Science!
  110. Pew Pew!
  111. Hey, why you stop?
  112. Giddy UP!
  113. 3D tat
  114. Dance! Like you mean it!
  115. This picture concerns me
  116. Preening Yoga Poses
  117. The wee lil' feets!
  118. Bird playing fetch!
  119. Freak Bird Discovered
  120. A blue ear'd kingfisher
  121. A Tangara Cyanocephala
  122. EVIL! lol
  123. Pelicans FREAKS of the birb world!
  124. The barnyard security duck is on call
  125. Okay children, remember always use the crosswalk!
  126. I like how the bird looks embarassed!
  127. I luv you doggo, do ya luv me?
  128. Fuzzy Pingu baby eating mung and gruel
  129. A true Bird Lover!
  130. Rock made an interesting shape in the glass of this windshield
  131. This car must have been off the road........
  132. Farmer in Japan has an interesting way to call his chickens to come home!
  133. Holy Duck...... MAMA HELP ME!
  134. Nothing to see here........ just move along
  135. Tree's everywhere........................
  136. The Duck's don't seem amused by this abuse
  137. Dog viciously attacked by croc......
  138. Hooded Grebe's Mating Ritual
  139. A great photo!
  140. Alligator shoes are all the rage
  141. Shoe Bill Mama protecting her dino-chick
  142. What a good protective Mama!
  143. One of the Most Beautiful Birds in the World
  144. Zoom Zoom!
  145. Okay......................
  146. A burrito of cuteness
  147. I got da rhythm!
  148. Creepy Octopus Faced Humming bird
  149. So close............................!
  150. Sometimes I hate people.... who hate birds or wildlife
  151. Not for the faint of heart.... BEWARE!
  152. All I can think about is the amount of droppings in this water
  153. I always thought hummers flew while eating....
  154. Conure found riding on car roof
  155. How to get that new job! Birb Edition
  156. Soon Birds Will Take Over Our Lives....
  157. Hello Kitty.....
  158. Bob The Parrot missing for 3 months returned to owner
  159. Last week in Toronto Ontario CANADA!
  160. What type of freak birb is this?
  161. Slow Motion Soggy Beauty!
  162. Gotta work my abs !
  163. Chicken Referee's
  164. New Birb Breed?
  165. Sexy Boi....
  166. People messing with owls.......
  167. Some people never learn......
  168. LMAO ..... the look on this swans face
  169. SNL Birb Edition
  170. Hello everybody!
  171. Newest Invention on the Dragons Den
  172. America!
  173. What?
  174. Duck and Dogs
  175. Osprey Rescue
  176. This is the Greatest Perch EVER!
  177. Somewhereeeeeeeeee Over da Rainbow!
  178. Why did the Canada Geese cross the road?
  179. Vladimir Putin Birb
  180. I wonder what this freaky birb looks like when it molts?
  181. Some Birby is really biting off more then they can chew!
  182. Where do you think you are going?
  183. LOL... silly goosesssss
  184. Chasing the pea fowl....
  185. Dog assalted by ducky/goose and yet it still smiles....
  186. I'd dead from the CUTE!
  187. Fly By Attack and miss!
  188. The Scary Scarecrow........
  189. George doesn't know what he did to make all the other f'go's ignore him
  190. New Transit system is cheap but dangerous
  191. Fail Flamingo
  192. Happy 150th Birthday Canada
  193. Can you give me a lift to the bakery on Dundas Street?
  194. This guy doesn't want the fat birb to eat him.....
  195. This birb........
  196. The newest most expensive can opener
  197. Spiral Chickens
  198. Now I know who's been stealing the mail......
  199. It looks so cool.... yet so deadly
  200. Noisy Birb Condo.....
  201. Now we know why the chicken crossed the road........
  202. New Peacock Theme Park Ride... for squirrels?
  203. Silly Human, why you leaving this fresh salmon lying here out in the open?
  204. Canuck the BAD BAD Crow is at it again
  205. Bad Move.......
  206. You Shall NOT Pass!
  207. Gang Fights...... birb style.
  208. This Distresses me............ Greatly.
  209. I caught it and I killed it! BUT...
  210. Birds mess with campers get TP'd....
  211. Audi's new car horn sounds like a goose
  212. Nobody saw that.... right?
  213. Birb Bliss!
  214. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
  215. Scuse me Mister? SEED PLEASE!
  216. You Can't See Me! (I can see you!)
  217. You Spin Me Right Round Baby Right Round Like a Record Baby!
  218. What kind of freaky bird is this?
  219. Mmmm, mango apple kiwi fruit blend!
  220. You know its Summer when.......
  221. Condor Happily Greets Man Who Saved its Life
  222. Spring Cleaning! Yeah... we all feel the same way.
  223. Is thing on?
  224. How to have your lips ripped off yer face in 3. 2. 1 !
  225. 2 of the 3 Stooges's Too's
  226. The God Feather Pigeon
  227. It's been such a hot day here... I needed this!
  228. Ancient Baby Birb Remains Discovered in a Piece of Amber 99 Million Years old
  229. This perch is so soft on my feeties!
  230. Just feeding some birbs!
  231. Dang it, I thought the crackers and seeds were in this isle....
  232. Benny Hill and the Chicken
  233. photo Bomb?
  234. Don't Pay the Ferryman Until you get to the Other Side!
  235. I guess we've been told.....
  236. I just don't know what to think about this... LOL
  237. OUCH! lol
  238. Selfie Hawk or Harvey Birdman?
  239. In Boston the Geese use a Crosswalk to cross a road
  240. Just out for a wee swim
  241. Whooooda thunkit? So EVIL! this little birb.
  242. Seagul tries to make off with phone...
  243. MOM... MOM HELP ME... Okay Never mind I got this!
  244. Soon.....
  245. Share some with me?
  246. The look on the dogs face says it all!
  247. Nothing stops a birb mom from doing her thing!
  248. New Flight Suit for Birbs
  249. Upgraded Flight Plan
  250. I feel like someone is watching me....