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  1. Two very vicious and aggressive beasts duke it out....
  2. How to play Simon Say's the Bird Edition
  3. How to tell if your duck has a drinking problem......
  4. Walmart USA... of course.
  5. Canada Goose is not amused
  6. Feels so good man!
  7. What kind of freaky out bird is this?
  8. You're too slow KITTY!
  9. I told you to stay off my waterway stooopy hoomin!
  10. Cruise Control Activated..........
  11. Scary Looking Burb!
  12. Mom always said, "If your friend jumped off a bridge would you do it too?"
  13. Seagulls are TANKS of the burb world
  14. Okay?????????.......
  15. CROWNED... or not
  16. Just someone feeding a baby burb
  17. Slow mo flight ...............
  18. I feel Pretty .... oh so Pretty!
  19. Can you imagine the noise this burb community makes early in the morn?
  20. Florida man saves bald eagle from busy road
  21. Warm and Snuggly!
  22. What kind of freaky burb is this in the kinder egg?
  23. We've had a lot of rain here lately....
  24. What kind of freaky burb is this???????
  25. Photo Bombed by Burb!
  26. You don't see this everyday on the subway!
  27. There is something so WRONG about this pic....
  28. Little Drummer Bird
  29. Check out these legs!
  30. Duck Duck Duck GOOSED!
  31. This bird is mocking me... or us!
  32. What kind of freaky bird is this?
  33. Determination...........
  34. The Happy Dance!
  35. Dramatic Owl is being Dramatic
  36. Evil Crow, Cunning Stalking cat and a poor lil squirrel!
  37. Yeah so I'm littering... WHO CARES!
  38. I love the burbs reaction!
  39. Greater Birds of Paradise being Show Offs!
  40. More Besties! Goat and Rooster
  41. Duck and Dog Besties!
  42. Play Time
  43. Wooooo Hooooo!
  44. SPRING! Where I live...........
  45. Do you think this dog feels Nervous?
  46. Keep Walking?
  47. Your Ugly dog is at the window with a lizard in its mouth
  48. Charro Parrot ready to Cuchi-Cuchi
  49. Yes I'm Beautiful... now let me go!
  50. Dance Scrape Peck Twins!
  51. I don't get the joke.....
  52. I Loooovvveeee me some NANNER!
  53. My morning cup of joe is judging me......
  54. We've all seen goats in trees.... well now there's
  55. Biting off more then he can chew........
  56. That's how I Roll!
  57. What kind of Hooter is this? Said the confused Owl
  58. Happy Easter to the Talk Parrots Peeps!
  59. Sooooon....
  60. What type of bird would nest in this tree?
  61. Blue Footed Boobies Hunt/Fishing together in a flock
  62. What the ???????????
  63. Birds need to learn the Heimlich maneuver
  64. Chicken is thinking.... WTH?
  65. Wild bird with no fear of humans
  66. The Poop Hawk Bringing the Light!
  67. Excellent timing!
  68. Come with me, I know where there is water!
  69. An Owl in the house......
  70. Friday... time for a beer.
  71. Now I want an OWL.........
  72. This won't end well....
  73. I see that!
  74. Slow Mo King Fisher dive and catch....
  75. Yummy! nom nom nom.....
  76. What are you big pink thing?????
  77. So smalllllllllllllllll...........
  78. Splish Splash takin a dirt bath......
  79. Dis mine now puddy tat...
  80. The newest breed of herding kitten has arrived...
  81. Nom NOM NOMMMMM....
  82. Q-tips, made to massage burbs!
  83. Math Genius with Wings!
  84. Only in Dubai!
  85. I wonder what this sounds like?
  86. YOU! Yeah YOU!
  87. Funny looking dog you got there lady!
  88. Not today Mr Puddy Tat.... NOT TODAY!
  89. Wild Parrots in India High on Drugs....
  90. Yeah we know we're awesome and colorful....
  91. Lol
  92. Oooh this is our song!
  93. Hello Animal Services? I have a problem here.......
  94. Pool Crashers!
  95. Humming Pool Party!
  96. The Northern Pygmy OWCH OWL......
  97. I want to eat a wing from this beast.......
  98. Lady! Where you been? I missed you so!
  99. You're too slow Mr Pelican.... too slow!
  100. Your dog ate your homework?
  101. Run.... RUN... RUNNNNNNNNN!
  102. Beautiful Japanese Cranes
  103. Great Hunters.......
  104. I was ready for Spring to Spring and then we get snow
  105. Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle.......
  106. Not today Race Car.... NOT TODAY!
  107. Got a new car.....
  108. WHO's the King of The Jungle?
  109. Spring, let the mating dance begin!
  110. Why "YOU" a bird owner are poor!
  111. What the?
  112. YOU! Quit making all that noise.........
  113. Peeka BOO! You can't see me!
  114. Gak... GAK! GAG GAK!
  115. Weird Bird House.....
  116. Kiss me like you mean it!
  117. Don't mind if I do, thanks lady!
  118. Take me Drunk, I'm Home......
  119. This is how I feel today............
  120. Not today Big Ole Puddy Tat.... NOT TODAY!
  121. This poor owl! LOL
  122. Human Intelligence vs Birds Intelligence
  123. Not today Mr Aligator.... NOT TODAY!
  124. Keeping babies warm and well fed......
  125. Can you supersize that order please?
  126. Splish Splash I is takin a bath! or a shower
  128. Hello everybody!
  129. When bad dreams come true!
  130. Now we know how this man became bald......
  131. Duckpede!
  132. Human Cave of Warmth & Peeps!
  133. Wheeeeeee!
  134. NOBODY MOVE.... I lost my contact
  135. Got sumthin in ma eye.....
  136. Swallowed it WHOLE.......
  137. Not today bird.... NOT TODAY!
  138. Sweet!
  139. Duck Bowling/Curling?
  140. Rollin Rollin Rollin keep them pigeons Rollin!
  141. "Is that... ME?"
  142. Boobies!
  143. You don't want that? I'll take it Thanks!
  144. Fabio Budgie!
  145. When I see this bird I think of Jurassic Park
  146. Delta BC Canada and the Eagles
  147. I want one of these birds!
  148. What the ?????????
  149. Just what we need......
  150. Sculpture moves like a flock of birds
  151. 80 Giant Birds on a Plane
  152. Squirrel and Crow Battle for Some Pizza
  153. Wink......... wink nudge nudge.
  154. Waddle Waddle Waddle vs High Step High Step High Step
  155. Ahhhh it touched me!
  156. Money Money Money all day long I'm collecting MONEY!
  157. Swan Ice Breaker on the Job
  158. Attacked by a nasty rooster
  159. The Real Toucan Sam
  160. This duck is my king!
  161. Fat cat messed with the wrong bird!
  162. A different type of birb!
  163. Splish Splash in da bath!
  164. Turkeys are CRAZY!
  165. There's always ONE bird that's a little different then the rest.
  166. How to get rich
  167. Birds eye view of a hunter
  168. Best buds......
  169. The New Years Resolution Birb
  170. His eyes are bigger then his stomach......
  171. Bet she didn't expect this........
  172. The Face Swap App is freaky!
  173. That'll Teach ya!
  174. Bath Bath Bath Hop Hop Hop!
  175. When its COLD outside.............
  176. Must DESTROY!
  177. Good Samaritan Rescues Sparrow
  178. "What kind of stupid wood is this?"
  179. Quacker LIVE Curling
  180. "I'll have a family pack of Chicken Nuggets and a small fries Please."
  181. Another Year GONE!
  182. Peek A Pecka BOO!
  183. Southwest Florida LIVE Eagle Cam
  184. Feed the pigeons they said, it will be fun they said!
  185. Fail!
  186. This doesn't happen everyday.......
  187. Have you ever seen the DO NOT FEED THE BIRDS Warnings at Fast Food Places?
  188. Happy Holidays to All
  189. A little "different" Christmas message
  190. Eggs..................
  191. I'll Stretch and make myself look BIGGER and MEANER!
  192. 1st there was Snakes on a Plane... now?
  193. DUCKS being MARVELOUS!
  194. MINE! Dats my DISH!
  195. I told you not to eat those Skittles
  196. Long post about my pets
  197. Some Chickens just gotta brood!
  198. Robot bird that Fly's!
  199. Reasons why I don't do crafts
  200. Have you ever seen so many birds?
  201. Smart birds!
  202. Wonder what the toe of this boot is full of?
  203. Bird Staches?
  204. Its Beginning to Look alot like Christmas
  205. Happy Birthday Kate!
  206. Do you want a Santa Hat on your avatar or signature pic?
  207. Oh oh!
  208. Angry Grumpy Birds!
  209. Chickens playing a xylophone
  210. I'm not a bird expert....... BUT
  211. New Zealand Kea Parrot messing with traffic
  212. Parrot sing Chandelier by Sia
  213. What kind of bird molted this?
  214. 18th Century Swan Automaton
  215. A skeleton of a parrots beak
  216. Eagle Hawk throws Snake at Moving Car
  217. Wild Turkey Attacks Car
  218. Having a Bad Day?
  219. Just a sleeping boy and his sleeping duck
  220. Some hens just gotta be Broody Hens!
  221. Canada has a New National Bird!
  222. The Emu and the Weasel Ball
  223. Man jumps in freezing water to rescue duck
  224. Bald Eagles Freed from Storm Drain in Orlando
  225. Rare view of a seagul's mating dance!
  226. Ha Ha of the day!
  227. Naked Penguin in a Wet Suit
  228. I've seen lots of videos of eagles swimming
  229. Buzzards out the back
  230. This annoys me, cyclist attacked by magpie
  231. kéké (Kevin) has done it again! BIRDS animated cartoons
  232. Life in a White Tailed Eagles nest
  233. Is anyone watching Westworld?
  234. Daniel the Emotional Support Duck on a Plane
  235. The talking Goggy and the maple bacon
  236. I Haz a liddle Itchy on my liddle Tushy
  237. Eagles Up Close and Personal
  238. Deer and Emu are friends!
  239. WHY? Why would you do dis to me?
  240. Peacock and Squirrel have a Tail Off
  241. Marnie Loves Bunny
  242. Ringneck Wants A Kiss From Cockatiel
  243. Einstein, The Amazing African Grey
  244. Groucho, The Singing Amazon
  245. Snowball, The Dancing, Singing Cockatoo
  246. Another Parrot Annoying Cat Video
  247. How to annoy a cat, or cats!
  248. QB-4 Ultrasonic Bird Repeller FAIL!
  249. Macaws in Slow Motion
  250. Happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian Members