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  1. Einstein, The Amazing African Grey
  2. Groucho, The Singing Amazon
  3. Snowball, The Dancing, Singing Cockatoo
  4. Another Parrot Annoying Cat Video
  5. How to annoy a cat, or cats!
  6. QB-4 Ultrasonic Bird Repeller FAIL!
  7. Macaws in Slow Motion
  8. Happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian Members
  9. I speak fluent American.......... LOLLL!!!!!
  10. Village hunting for killer of favourite peacock
  11. Baby Gouldian Finches are FABULOUS!
  12. Some birds are JERKS!
  13. Finally Ostriches can FLY!
  14. Where have I been!?
  15. Yoda the Owl Has His Own Library Card
  16. Baby Pigeon & Baby Bunny Friends
  17. Rhode Islanders and Nearby New Englanders!!!
  18. Chicks Dig Tunes
  19. Eagle adopts baby chickens
  20. Does Anyone Know What King of Hummingbird This Is?
  21. Saving the Pufflings
  22. Osceola the one-winged Bald Eagle hang gliding
  23. Wild Goose Interested in Baby
  24. I need one of these! The PEEPS!!!!!!
  25. I Can Haz Bath?
  26. Thug Psycho Swan Smashes Hobby Boats
  27. A new breed of Hummingbird, the masked bandit hummer!
  28. Happy Birthday PeatreeLover
  29. I took my nephews to see The Secret Life of Pets
  30. Happy Birthday Abby!
  31. Not Today Mr Eagle.... NOT TODAY!
  32. Who wants to ride Big Bird?
  33. Happy 4th of July to all our American Members
  34. Happy Canada Day to all our Canadian Members
  35. Helping Goose Family Across a Busy Road SWEET!
  36. Some birds just know how to have fun!
  37. Monday's, So hard to get up!
  38. Canada Goose & Eagle Battle FIGHT!
  39. This is too cute!
  40. COMING in July!!!!!! The Secret Life of Pets!
  41. Donald Trump is in my backyard can Animal Control come get him?
  42. Crows Attacking People in Vancouver Canada
  43. Clever Parrot uses Doggy Door to Get Outside
  44. Peel Police Rescue Mama Duck and Ducklings
  45. The Reason WHY Hummingbirds Don't Come Here to Feed
  46. Mother Goose asks Police Officer for Help!
  47. Golfer Greg Owen rescues bird!
  48. Ducks in School!
  49. Calling all Artists, and other people who like to doodle
  50. The Rescued Dog and Hummingbird
  51. New Bird Breed, ParrotletBunBun
  52. Ontario police break up 'domestic dispute' between man and pet parrot
  53. SPRING? My eye..........
  54. Real Birds Tweet on Twitter
  55. MORE - Bird Pics and Gifs to Bird Comic Gifs!
  56. Hypnotic Mass of Birds Flying
  57. Another reason to love Iggy Pop!
  58. Real or Fake?
  59. Paper and Wood Birds
  60. Nesting Birds Will Make ANYTHING a Home
  61. my macaw tigger
  62. Happy Birthday Jenny
  63. If Donald Trump becomes President of the USA Expect this!
  64. Tanja Brandt's Owl Poldi and Friends
  65. On Vacation!
  66. Pet Bird Blogs and Wild Bird Blogs
  67. "Weeeeee!"
  68. How to get rich with your bird
  69. Junco's BIRD Pub Live Cam
  70. Snoring Ducky
  71. The birds have spoken about the USA Political Running
  72. Happy Easter to the Talk Parrot Peeps!
  73. Flying Fish Just Can't Win
  74. Farty Cockatoo?
  75. Happy Spring Time Everybody
  76. Attention Zoomermamamia!
  77. Daylight Savings Time UGH!
  78. Bird Gifs to Bird Comic Gifs!
  79. Bear Scare!
  80. What the? Who knew?
  81. Warm and Toasty Hummingbirds
  82. Swan Disrupts Traffic in Prague
  83. 3D Titanium Beak for a Parrot
  84. Lower, Lower.... just a little lower
  85. ** The Counting Game **
  86. Bird Emo Cartoon, Too Cute.
  87. Happy Family Day & Happy Presidents Day
  88. Happy Valentines Day to all!
  89. 65 yr old Albatros lays another egg!
  90. If you died and could come back as a bird.....
  91. Life Before the Computer
  92. Its 5:30pm and I see some LIGHT outside (still)
  93. Caption this pic!
  95. The Bald Eagle and the Turtle
  96. What's that in the middle of the road?
  97. Vicious french bulldog attacks and kills alligator
  98. This Priest will KNOCK the Devil out of you
  99. Raven bugging a large Eagle for its food
  100. Bird Comic or Funny of the Day
  101. Dreams about pets
  102. Show and Tell us about Your SNOW!
  103. IMPOSSIBILITIES in the World
  104. My Guests and SPX meet...........
  105. Dumbest Woodpecker in North Carolina!
  106. Peacocks, mythical creatures?
  107. Swan parents and a clutch of cygnets surfing
  108. Fascinating!
  109. 2 foot long Ball Python Trouser Snake?
  110. hello everyone
  111. Rescuing a Baby Hummingbird
  112. What type of bird is this?
  113. Amazing Snowy Owl Flying at a Webcam
  114. If this is how kids act over modern technology then we are DOOMED!
  115. Happy New Year Talk Parrots Members and Staff!
  116. Happy Holidays to all the Talk Parrot Members and Staff
  117. Simon's Cat and the BIRD! Cartoon
  118. Donald Trumps hair piece destroyed by America's Symbol!
  119. What does your name mean?
  120. Magpie that laughs like a child
  121. Ho Ho HO?
  122. I'm all for dinner entertainment BUT.......
  123. I ate too moishe ! Sing with me!
  124. You missed me???
  125. Who Remembers Spirograph?
  126. Man in India feeds over 4000 parakeets daily
  127. Daylights savings time this weekend
  128. Blowed Duckies!
  129. Happy Thanksgiving to all our Canadian Members
  130. Girl unhappily holds an owl
  131. Angry Birds the Movie is Coming
  132. Tori no Iru Cafe: A cafe with parrots
  133. Birds Birds Birds and more BIRDS
  134. *Change ONE word Game*
  135. *The Alphabet BIRD Game*
  136. pitties in pencil!
  137. The Never Ending Odds and Ends Thread
  138. Budgie Stealth Flyer
  139. **The Everything Thread**
  140. Honk Honk Honky Talk Goose
  141. A Lovie Doing an Irish Step Dance
  142. ** The FOOD Game **
  143. ** You're Banned Thread Game **
  144. Antique vase with mini animated bird inside.
  145. Antique guns with animated singing birds
  146. 24 Hour Bird Pub Cam
  147. ##Change a Letter Word Game##
  148. **Word Association Game**
  149. **NEW GAME** Make a sentence with 5 letters.
  150. The NAG Moan and Complain Thread.
  151. The Duggar's 19 Kids and Counting Scandal
  152. return of the zentangle!
  153. I'm pleasantly surprised!
  154. What birds are on your wish list?
  155. Snow in Nova Scotia Canada
  156. does anyone sell things on Etsy?
  157. Can I use your birds?
  158. my latest zentangle
  159. Flying away...I miss my birds.
  160. The thought of birds bathing reminded me
  161. What does this forum see me as?
  162. Baby vs Bird
  163. 12 Birds of Christmas
  164. Accident Last Night
  165. Emergency Rescue
  166. Daylight Saving Time
  167. Halloween Dress Up!
  168. Finally!
  169. Fruit Smoothie Recipes
  170. I got a new tattoo last night (bird related!)
  171. I'm back :D
  172. Talk Budgies not working?
  173. 3000!
  174. funny bird pics!
  175. Getting to Know Each Other More
  176. A great article
  177. My weight loss so far!
  178. Gwhizz
  179. I got Accepted!
  180. Feeling Overwhelmed :(
  181. Just wanted to update you all!
  182. I Found my Calling!
  183. Petsmart disease outbreak
  184. Please read and sign this petition regarding Petsmart and their budgies
  185. My new tat
  186. does anyone else love beef jerky?!
  187. Hey!
  188. things i wish i could tell non-parrot people
  189. BC Visit!
  190. Baby owl finches
  191. drawing a B&G Macaw
  192. Anybody going on holiday/vacation this year?
  193. horse and bird drawings
  194. As much as I like birds...
  195. Put a Face to that Name!
  196. Zentangle anyone?
  197. Some Engagement Photos <3
  198. Ustream bird cam
  199. Started my new job!
  200. I got engaged!!!!!
  201. Tell Me About YOU!
  202. Spending time with all your parrots
  203. the perfect bird quote!
  204. Help posting my pix to profile
  205. Moving up north!!
  206. Merry Christmas from me and Ava!
  207. two random pics!
  208. Talk Central
  209. Big news!
  210. Laurulfeathercat:
  211. Buddy the talking starling
  212. What's the best setting on a DSLR for taking pictures of birds?
  213. Missing bird companionship
  214. Name Change!!
  215. My Life In A Thread...And Future Birdy Plans!
  216. Sry MIA
  217. The new 'bird room'
  218. Happily Ever After!
  219. Season of giving
  220. Parrot Rescue Centre needs new fosters
  221. look here
  222. vote for me?
  223. a new cockatiel is on the way for my flock :D
  224. moving
  225. hey again guys!
  226. hunting with a bird
  227. Vote For Me? Please?
  228. Keep Daisy in Your Thoughts
  229. Funny ad
  230. This is a nice forum this is :)
  231. Where i ride my horse!
  232. bird photos :)
  233. oh, you brushed your pet once?
  234. RaggaMuffin has cost me 3 penalty points on my driving licence :c
  235. not gonna boast but!
  236. semi-back
  237. 4 weeks gone
  238. All change tomorrow
  239. Newest Tattoo!
  240. 'ship in a bottle' nature style II
  241. My Second Tattoo
  242. Talk to me!
  243. Purple Hair!
  244. Golden Eagle in Flight
  245. Sorry been away so long....
  246. Southern Alberta Flooding
  247. "I want that bird!"
  248. Better Pictures :)
  249. Small Gecko Update. :)
  250. Islay Pictures :)