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  1. Cockatoo & Dog Friends Guarding their Home!
  2. Happy Canada Day and Long Weekend to our Canadian Members
  3. Happy Victoria Day to all in Canaduh!
  4. I HATE Robins .............
  5. Happy Good Friday & Easter Weekend
  6. Happy 1st Day of Spring!
  7. Daylight Saving's Time this Weekend ... too soon!
  8. Perfect Timing!
  9. Canaduhhhhhh! and SNOW!
  10. Chernobyl Seaguls have Changed!
  11. Just in case you were wondering about SPRING
  12. Let a pile of SNOW be your canvas ...
  13. Drugs in the Bird Feeder?
  14. This Snowman Describes my Reaction to the Snow and Cold PERFECTLY!
  15. Dog's Face Say's It All ... Yer Feets STINK!
  16. Canada Geese Hate Weird Al Yankovic too!
  17. Artsy ... birb artsy!
  18. Pizza's here !
  19. Todays CUTENESS! Monday January 14, 2019
  20. Soon ... Easter Parade Madness
  21. I can't take you anywhere when you drink Harold!
  22. Today's birbs are LAZY!
  23. I would freak if this was in my local pool!
  24. Reality?
  25. Santa Went Rogue!
  26. 2019 resolutions and plans?
  27. 2019 Whine and Nag About Your Local Weather!
  28. Happy New Year
  29. Ho Ho Ho Happy Holidays to You!
  30. Mr. Peepers got it right!
  31. Nature is AMAZING !
  32. Where did I vanish to this time?
  33. Did you Lose your Dog?
  35. REVENGE for eating my brother last month
  36. Nasty Swan in the UK has a Nasty Grandson
  37. Hello Doggy!
  38. Oh oh!
  39. Just stay calm honey, don't reach for your cell phone .....
  40. This looks cosy?
  41. Some critter should be happy its got shade!
  42. Oh Christmas Tree
  43. Black Friday is Here!
  44. Heh Heh !
  45. Due to Lack of Enthusiasm ... TODAY IS CANCELLED
  46. USA Thanksgiving is coming .....
  47. Parrot Joke
  48. Polly wants a truck load of crackers!
  49. I don't want this fluttering near me!
  50. Burrito Birb is not Happies!
  51. Who?
  52. Murderous Duck Mama!
  53. Breaking Bad Habits?
  54. Birb is a dick !
  55. Birbs are evil too!
  56. Even Polar Bears get the Birb Hate
  57. Neanderthal Child Was Eaten by a Giant Bird
  58. Drunk Birb is New Zealands Birb of the Year!
  59. Do I sleep in your food dish cat?????????
  60. Bliss ... dis birb has it!
  61. He's killin it!
  62. Happy Thanksgiving!
  63. What old people do for fun!
  64. I said GOOD DAY!
  65. Gifffy Gif Thread
  66. Wings .....
  67. Inspirational Parrots <3
  68. Worse Bird Feeder EVER!
  69. What Do You Get -- ?
  70. I haz a Warmz!
  71. Adorable!
  72. How birbs were created ....
  73. EEEK .... its a damn spider!
  74. Hello !
  75. King of da pond!
  76. Fly by skimmmming .....
  77. Don't tell ME what to do!
  78. DO NOT RULES .... of birbs!
  79. Ha!
  80. Hellooooooooooo! I'm here to audition for Swan Lake!
  81. I don't know what I'm doing!!!!!!
  82. Who knew birds needed Witness Protection?
  83. Only in Walmart will you see this ...
  84. Birds for Dentists?
  85. Sexist much? lol
  86. Sexy Birb Bathing Suit Wear!
  87. WINTER IS COMING .... wooo hoooo!
  88. Best Duck Family Ever?
  89. Is it Hooooomid today?
  90. Mama duck adopts 10 more ducklings
  91. One of the Sweetest Videos EVER!
  92. Surfin Safari Birb!
  93. Seagull tries to help friend .....
  94. FOOD! Now ... IN MA BELLY! FEED ME!
  95. What kind of freaky birb is this?
  96. The feet just blow my mind!!!!!
  97. Beeee Vwerrry Vwerrry QWYAT .....
  98. Oh thank god!!!!!
  99. Okay???????????
  100. Don't eat dat .... its bad.
  101. It has wings, it can fly, what kind of birb is this?
  102. Tuesday, arm and shoulder day!
  103. Monday ..... NOPE!
  104. True LOOOOOVE!
  105. Their taking our jobs!
  106. Even the street rats know when to bow to their superiors .....
  107. This seems right .....
  108. I've never wanted to eat a Swan, BUT!
  109. This millet is FABULOUS!
  110. This is an inferior flower!
  111. TV is sooooooooo interactive these days!
  112. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
  113. Go away RODENT... dees are my seeds!
  114. This Wood Pecker HATES this tree!
  115. This can't be real... can it?
  116. Chicks just LOVE this guy!
  117. Thanks for the NOMS kid!
  118. It's summertime .... guard yer foods!
  119. Cockatoo and The Blanket Trick
  120. WOOOO HOOOO .... duck surfer dude!
  121. Perfect Timing!
  122. FORGET IT! You aren't getting my lunch!
  123. Baby hummingbirds !
  124. Ah.... something seems ODD about this pic
  125. Well its that time again! HAPPY LONG WEEKEND!
  126. RUN Farmer RUNNNNNNN!
  127. Hey you kids .... Get off my lawn!
  128. This won't end well ....
  129. The Latest Weather Complaint! Please Join in!
  130. ONE of These Things is NOT like the OTHER!
  131. New type of Penguin discovered!
  132. I would love to see this up close!
  133. Amazing Action Shot!
  134. Tourist Guide Birb wants a large tip
  135. What kinda birb is this??????????
  136. Best Ducky Friend EVER!
  137. Just a guy with a bunch of ducks on his noggin!
  138. It looks like it has wings ....
  139. A Real Dinosaur Birb!
  140. Turkeys are a little stoopid!
  141. Is there a puddle under this goose?
  142. So smart !
  143. Wow!
  144. Interesting Birb House!
  145. I thought Swan Lake was an Opera.... ?
  146. Birb with a drinking problem
  147. Woodpecker annoys Model 3 car owner
  148. Ducks Gotta Duck
  149. Oh Oh Goggie .... BEWARE!
  150. Not today Mr Fishy ...... Not today!
  151. Its the MAY TWOFOUR Weekend, or Victoria Day
  152. Mama birbs never stop being Mama's!
  153. This Artists Talent and Skill is Amazing
  154. Canada Geese are Jerks .....
  155. Birdnapper Gets A Lesson
  156. Fuzzy nesting material FREE!
  157. Geese mean business at the Golf Course
  158. Camouflage .... I haz it!
  159. Ready for the Feathered Prom......
  160. I love this .....
  161. OH OH ..... Beware Moms Pops & kids!
  162. I want to live where ducks have their own sidewalk!
  163. I'd like to see the camera after this photo!
  164. Its THAT time of the year.... AGAIN!
  165. Best Uber driver EVER!
  166. My hoomin won't scritch me.
  167. Backwards Bird Perch
  168. Peekaboo?
  169. This is my kind of Parade!
  170. Pigeons are taking our jobs!
  171. TALK to DA WING!
  172. A New Breed of African Grey!
  173. Man is Standing Birb Treat
  174. Well, HELLLLLOOOOOO! Beautiful!
  175. Back - and hopefully for good!
  176. How to mess with a pigeon flock
  177. Side Car for Birbs.........
  178. Happy Easter to the Talk Parrots Peeps!
  180. I want this!!!!!
  181. Some birds act like cats.... with attitude.
  182. Who needs to hunt/fish for food?
  183. WOW.... derpitude!
  184. Shy Marley
  185. I love you WALL..... I DO
  186. What type of bird is this???????
  187. Yes. YES! I am FABULOUS!
  188. Seagull goes ZOMBIE!
  189. Shake Dat Ting!
  190. Interesting Nature Photo........
  191. TuTu Bird
  192. Come on Goggehs! We're free!
  193. Is this birb crazy glued to the other birb?
  194. Hey Hoomin, HOOMIN!
  195. Some birbs..............
  196. I called Revenue Canada about my Tax Return.....
  197. I bought a new plant..........
  198. HA ha HA ha HAHAHAHAHAHA!
  199. I gotz kidz ta feedz!
  200. Spring time....... a time of new life
  201. I love you big strange chicken.......
  202. And in todays NEWS ......
  203. Condo Birbs?
  204. Big Birb and the Meteorologist
  205. Get away from me you imposter ......
  206. The Regal American Eagle........
  207. Underside of a big beak!
  208. MINE Mine Mine MINE MINE MINE!
  209. Not the type of bird I want to meet
  210. I'll be watchinggggggggggggg YOU!
  211. Birb Free Style Dance Competition
  212. I don't know what is happening here......
  213. Sometimes birds are JERKS
  214. Mails in.... mails in the cow.
  215. Somebody loves birds..... I think
  216. Friends!
  217. Birb Cam, not what I expected!
  218. Stick em Up! Gimme all yer moneys
  219. What are we going to do today Brain?
  220. Fitting Street Sign
  221. Cool Birb Thinks THIS will get all the Chicks
  222. What kind of Birbs are these?
  223. Sometimes Birds are Jerks!
  224. One of these things is not like the others!
  225. Golden Parakeet Scritched into Oblivion!
  226. A snowy night, a sneaky owl and a fox!
  227. All I wanted was a drink of water.......
  228. Duck duck duck and more DUCKS!
  229. Live Weather Predicts Massive Bird Attack
  230. Dog's don't want their owner to throw away the Xmas tree
  231. Hawk wants the bunny, even if it is a picture
  232. The rescued baby duck....
  233. Odd Cuddle Puddle Buddy's!
  234. Referee Duck on the Job!
  235. The new duck carrier.....
  236. Bees? What bees?
  237. Wheeeeeeeeeeee!
  238. I want to know what this is all about!
  239. This will not end well..............
  240. Happy New Year to Talk Parrots Friends and Members
  241. Gettin our nails did
  242. Earth Wind and Fire Birb!
  243. Season's Greetings to Our Talk Parrot Members
  244. Sign in Salem Oregon
  245. What kind of bird is this?
  246. Pigeon Wise Guys.........
  247. Run little kid, drop your bike and run FAST!
  248. Hey! Wait for me!
  249. Take me to your leader!
  250. Peas YUCK.... but this duck doesn't think so