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  1. JD COMIC_phone fun_COMPLETE.png

    Jay connects with his old friend, Seth, via telephone for some PHONE FUN.
  2. JD COMIC_Compatibility_FINAL.png

    Jay and Dee discuss the things they like about each other.
  3. JD COMIC_Special Delivery.png

    Dee hopes that Jay will order her a Nap Dress for her birthday online. Nap Dress! Nap Nap Nap Dress!
  4. 01_JD COMIC_Sleepytime.png

    Can Jay wake up Dee from her long-lasting sleep? Jay gets frustrated from her non-responsiveness during her "Sleepytime."
  5. JD COMIC_Lullabye in Birdland COMPLETED.png

    Jay and Dee compare their human selves to backyard song birds.
1-6 of 6 Results