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  1. Talk Parrots General
    Hello, I have two pairs of zebra finches. Pair one is a chestnut female and pied male. Pair two is a chestnut female and light gray normal. One of my females seems to spend her time sitting on perches, sitting in the food bowl, and sun bathing. She very very rarely fly's around. Her male fly's a...
  2. Talk Parrots General
    Sorry for the bad title I figured it was fitting since that’s exactly what I am asking/discussing which i’m sure every bird owner has gotten? So sorry 😅 For starters my name is katy (though I sometimes go by Marina which is my middle name) and I’ve been thinking about getting a bird but I need...
  3. Disease and Illness
    My three years old parrot (Kakariki) progresively developed this very strange as if peeled looking noodle-like formation alongside the left side of her beak and I'm starting to get worried that it isn't something harmless or natural. Is it serious or do I worry pointlessly?
1-3 of 3 Results