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    Sooooooooo...... Stormy (Australian budgie) Picasso (baby Australian budgie) Twinkle and July (red eared sliders) Boop, Koi, Teddy, Watermelon, Orbit (common goldfish + minnow) sry they move rlly fast lolšŸ˜‚šŸ„²
  2. Talk Parrots Guy.png

    Talk Parrots Guy.png

    Every Forum needs a mascot. Especially a fun mascot created by monkeying around with my Wacom Intuos Graphic Drawing Tablet and the GIMP. Delicious digital art with a hot pink bucket-filled background. XD
  3. Collage_Frida Kahlo Me and My Parrots.png

    Collage_Frida Kahlo Me and My Parrots.png

    I created this digital collage after being immersed in artist Frida Kahlo's life. This digital artwork is brighter than her original painting (source material) but this is how I generally view things.
  4. rainbow parrots.png

    rainbow parrots.png

    Although I did not create this graphic, it is in a style that I highly appreciate. Yum!