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    Hi, I have Blue hyacinth parrots in my garden. I have their big colonies with many trees and plants. But it's very disappointing for me to not seeing other wildlife in my garden. Even I have uses many seed feeders, but still no change. Is it possible that the big Parrots are discouraging the...
  2. Talk Parrots General
    Sooooooooo...... Stormy (Australian budgie) Picasso (baby Australian budgie) Twinkle and July (red eared sliders) Boop, Koi, Teddy, Watermelon, Orbit (common goldfish + minnow) sry they move rlly fast lolšŸ˜‚šŸ„²
  3. Talk Parrots Guy.png

    Every Forum needs a mascot. Especially a fun mascot created by monkeying around with my Wacom Intuos Graphic Drawing Tablet and the GIMP. Delicious digital art with a hot pink bucket-filled background. XD
  4. Collage_Frida Kahlo Me and My Parrots.png

    I created this digital collage after being immersed in artist Frida Kahlo's life. This digital artwork is brighter than her original painting (source material) but this is how I generally view things.
  5. rainbow parrots.png

    Although I did not create this graphic, it is in a style that I highly appreciate. Yum!
1-5 of 5 Results