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2022 Complain and Nag About Your Weather!

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Welcome to Saturday January 1, 2022! WOO HOOO ... ouch my brain hurts today for some reason.

May this year be filled with, happiness? Sure! Bright and sunny days? Sure! BUT who knows what Ma Nature will throw at us. Like today, its foggy as heck here ... so foggy I can't see anything outside my window.

I'm having a bad fantasy about a book called "THE MIST" by Stephen King. Have you read it? Have you seen the movie? Here's a lil taste of it ....

Please share in your local weather with us here in the thread and make us envy where you live or not ... 馃槃
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About 3 inches of snow. 9F so it is a bit cold for here. Rapid pressure changes have had Rio neck hugging for last couple of days.
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rain, snow, ice, ice storm, snow storm, flooding. Just another week in Louisville.

Currently raising at my place with a rising river. Buddy about 20 minutes northish from me is having an ice storm with trees breaking and electric flickering.
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