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2022 Complain and Nag About Your Weather!

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Welcome to Saturday January 1, 2022! WOO HOOO ... ouch my brain hurts today for some reason.

May this year be filled with, happiness? Sure! Bright and sunny days? Sure! BUT who knows what Ma Nature will throw at us. Like today, its foggy as heck here ... so foggy I can't see anything outside my window.

I'm having a bad fantasy about a book called "THE MIST" by Stephen King. Have you read it? Have you seen the movie? Here's a lil taste of it ....

Please share in your local weather with us here in the thread and make us envy where you live or not ... 😄
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6C ... overcast and ugly out. Rain is on the forecast with a high of +7C ... wooooo hoooo! I'm so excited.
Happy ugly Monday to you! Its 4C and that's what its going to be allllllllllllllllllllllll day. No rain, no snow, just 4C and cloudy.

Well .....
Mainly cloudy .... high of 9C ... perhaps there will be rain. YAY?
9C ... RAINING like crazy! It started at 3:45amish with thunder and a couple of flashes of lightning and I was happy to hear and see it as I feel back to sleep listening to the rain.

It wasn't a horrible commute to work and the roads were clear but there is a slight chance for some flurries today. I dread the thought.
-1C ... a few light flurries here and there. I wish they'd stay somewhere far ... over there. The high today will be a whoppin +1C ... no sun all dark and glooomy!

Happy December .... only 24 more days until XMAS!
0C ... mainly cloudy. Chance of rain and a high of +8C .... YES! oh wait ... I did say chance of rain right? dang it.
11C ... RAINING ... perhaps some flurries are due as well but the real kicker is the 70 to 90 mph winds they say we are going to get.

I ain't lovin the wind ...
Brrrr .... -3C but suppose to be sunny today. A whoppin high of +2C and maybe some snow? Maybe?
+3C ... its suppose to get up to +7C today ... which isn't so bad because its SUNNY!

Rain coming tonight ... BOO!
+5C and its RAINING like crazy ... the high today might be +7C and still it will be raining. I have forgotten all about that dang ARK in the back yard. OOPS ....
+6C ... raining. UGH ... that is all.
+5C cloudy .... no rain. I am happy-ish. No snow ... YET!
1C ... might get up to 3C ... its currently raining and there is a chance of flurries today. DAGNUMBIT!
+4C ... chance of flurries and or rain today .... SIGH!
Its 0C ... and its raining/snowing so its snaining. There is a strong possibility of snow flurries tonight ... UGH!

Chance of snow flurries today .... YAY! NOT!
-2C ... no snow. This is a good thing!
-1C ... suppose to be sort of sunny and sort of cloudy today. Okay then!
-1C ... dark gloomy overcast and the threat of SNAIN coming. I am not happies!
+3C ... raining snaining is happening out there. My drive to work was an adventure! I hate driving sideways down the QEW .... it makes me scream like a little girl! I'm sure people driving near me screamed like a little girl tooo!

Today is another day of rain and snow or sleet or mess on the roads ... I am going to call around and see if I can get some lasers installed on the front of the car. The lasers can blast the ice away in front of me on the road as I drive slowly ... like a snail.

Wish me luck!
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