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2022 Complain and Nag About Your Weather!

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Welcome to Saturday January 1, 2022! WOO HOOO ... ouch my brain hurts today for some reason.

May this year be filled with, happiness? Sure! Bright and sunny days? Sure! BUT who knows what Ma Nature will throw at us. Like today, its foggy as heck here ... so foggy I can't see anything outside my window.

I'm having a bad fantasy about a book called "THE MIST" by Stephen King. Have you read it? Have you seen the movie? Here's a lil taste of it ....

Please share in your local weather with us here in the thread and make us envy where you live or not ... 😄
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0C ... chance of flurries today .... yay?
-2C maybe the high will be 0C today ... its overcast and they are predicting FLURRIES ... UGH.

Welcome to the beginning of winter a week before Xmas.
-2C and oh man its gonna SNOW where I am today ... the sky is a deep dark blue/gray/purple threatening color and we are due a chance of flurries here in the fruit belt. I HATE DRIVING IN SNOW AND ICE! I HATE IT!
1C ... no snow predicted for today. It didn't snow here yesterday as predicted and that was okay with me.
-3C ... no snow today. YAY !
-2C and clear for now ... we are getting Weather Alerts today with snain warnings and winds that can reach up to 90 km/h ... UGH. Blowing snow will hit Friday and Saturday and make the Holiday weekend a disaster to travel.

I ain't lookin forward to this .... I hope Santa won't get blown off track!
Its going to be an ODD day .... its +4C and raining heavily. We are under a severe weather warning that a flash freeze is coming and traveling around town may not be a good thing. Winds in the 90 - 100 mph range will make things kinda OH OH-ish and snow will follow.

I am stuck at work and I have to say the commute here earlier this morning was knuckle biting. I wonder if we will be without power soon?

It might be an interesting Christmas Eve .....
Holy SMOKES ... we got way over 3 feet of snow!

I was the last person to leave the office and nobody came to clear the parking lot last night!

When I went out to clear the sidewalks and front driveway this morning ....

I gave him coffee and still warm pancakes ... he looks like he had a rough night.

The office was closed early and everyone was sent home ...
The winds were exactly what they predicted ... 90 mph and higher.
It was +4C and raining and then out of no where it was -8C and a flash freeze came
with snow ... it was a nightmare to drive anywhere yesterday.

It's currently -10C and still snowing and wind blowing in the 74 mph range.
Christmas Eve is looking kinda MEH ....

ps ... not my pics of the house and parking lot. LOL

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Its still snowing off and on and the wind ... WHOA ... so much blustery gusts of winds in the 54 km/h. Its dark and cold and the wind is howling and I'm at work.

Yeah ... work. I got called in for an emergency and will be stuck here for a while today. I can't complain there is heat and electricity and food to eat. Merry HO HO!
-7C ... overcast with the threat of flurries today. At least the wind has quit blowing like mad ....

-6C and the wind is kinda normal ... chance of flurries again today.......... yay winter is here. SIGH
+2C ... clear. No flurries predicted ... just sunshine. WOO HOO!
+5C with periods of drizzle for shnizzle ... its suppose to be sunnyish with chances of rain here and there today with a whoppin high of +9C.

I can't wait!
Rainin ..... +13C with drizzle or rain due throughout the day. This is winter? I won't complain ... much!
9C and rainin .... more rain and then some more. It will be a soggy New Years Eve but that's okay.

I should be working on that dang ark .... spring isn't too far away and there will be more rain.
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