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2023 Complain and Nag About Your Weather!

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Here we go again ... another New Year and another log about our annoying weather in what ever part of the world you/we/us live in.

Don't be shy .... come on in and whine and complain and share the lovely or horrible weather you are experiencing in your neck of the world/woods.
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+4 ... overcast and sort of dry outside despite the fact its been raining for EVER. We are due either rain or flurries or flurries of rain today. My knees are telling me to beware ... its gonna be a bad day.

My head tells me the same ... maybe that's because I drank toooooo many beers last night?

Happy 1st day of January to you all .... ugh my head.
+6C .... damp, overcast, kinda gloomy. It rained sometime in the night ... I don't mind because its not SNOW. Suppose to be a ''meh" kinda day!
+4C ... rainin and more rain and maybe some SNAIN to happen off and on all the live long day. We are getting record breaking rain this year and I don't like it. I am no where close to having the ark ready when all heck and worry breaks loooose!
+3C ... snaining out right now. Rain Snow combos kind if suck!
+3C ... still snaining and its getting boring and annoying now. I want some dang sunshine!
+1C ... chance of rain showers or flurries .... SIGH! Come on .... sunshine. WE NEED YOU!
+2C ... a few odd flurries here and there .... winter. eh?
-3C might get up to -1C ... its cloudy and going to be a MEH kinda day. Yay?
-2C ... might get up to a whoppin lovely +2C today. It will be cloudy and meh and it may not rain .... maybe.

Winter ..........
1C ... 30% chance of flurries today....... YAY?
-3C ... chance of flurries or rain. Alrighty then!
+4C ... RAINING like mad. Its suppose to have pooling - slight flooding in areas that don't drain well. I really should be working on that ark.

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-1C .... snowing like crazy. Its suppose to last allllllllll day and maybe into the night and I'm not happies! Not happies indeed!
WE GOT ZONKED yesterday .... it was a bad day to try and drive on the roads due to ice because it rained for the last few days before the snow hit so it was a recipe for ice ice baby!

Today is -7C cloudy and there is another chance for flurries so we have returned to our regular winter weather schedule and its about dang time.

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It is -6C ... we are being told there will be sun and clouds today. So far ... I see clouds. WINTER ! WOO HOO!
-11C but its suppose to get up to +2C today and then the rain will come this evening and it will rain and rain and rain and then it will get warmer tomorrow and there will be more rain and more rain and maybe some flurrious drizzle snain and I'm looking so forward to that.

NOT ....
0C ... freezing rain. I love the roller coaster type ride I experienced on the highway this morning. NOT!
+4C ... drizzle? or rain ... I dunno anymore my life is grey and blah with all this cloudy crap!
+5C ... its dry now but we are due either rain or drizzle later today. OH BOY!
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