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2023 Complain and Nag About Your Weather!

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Here we go again ... another New Year and another log about our annoying weather in what ever part of the world you/we/us live in.

Don't be shy .... come on in and whine and complain and share the lovely or horrible weather you are experiencing in your neck of the world/woods.
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Its 1C right now and SUNNY ... woo hoo ... its suppose to get up to 17C today. WOO HOO! SPRING!
10C and sunny today, its suppose to get up to +20C ... I like it!
Soon I will start complaining about the lovely HOT weather that we are getting lately .... its currently 10C ... and expected to get up to 23C today.

23C .... with sunshine. Be still my freaking heart! WOOOOO HOOOO!
16C at 6:45am ... WTH? It seems like we skipped the spring part of the 4 seasons and have gone straight into summer. The high today is predicted to be 26C. Oh ... and sunny!
11C but soon to get up to a whoppin 25C ... summer in spring is always nice. I had the air conditioner running yesterday. 🙄
Lillabit chilly at +7C ... but its sunny and going to be somewhere in the +22C range so I ain't complainin today! NOSIREEEBOB!
10C this morning and expected to hit 21C this afternoon, its sunny and warm so it would be a good day to get outside and have a walk or so some yard work. There are warnings of thunder storms later in the day ... so I guess I better get some walking in soon.
So we are going backwards here with the weather, its currently gray and miserable out from the rain all night and the temperature is 8C.
It might go up to a high of 9C, well ... whatabout that?

TONIGHT ... -3C and a strong chance of rain and FLURRIES ... LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Of course!
3C overcast and MEH here ... the high of today will be 5C with rain and another snow warning.

I watched a lawn care crew mowing the lawn at the office yesterday .... guy was on a riding mower and it was snowing while he mowed.

We had odd little microbursts of snow off an on all day ... the snow would last all of 15 seconds but came down fast and heavy and made a mess everywhere. It was kinda fun to watch people panic when it happened.

Today its cold ... +3C ... it might get up to 11C and there is a strong chance for more snow today ... I doubt we will see snow if it gets up to +11C. I HOPE ...
Its raining and coldish out there ... 5C. It will continue to rain all day and maybe get up to a whoppin +11C. I can hardly wait!
Its sunny .......... for now and the temp is 5C but its suppose to get up to 22C today but then the rain will come. With thunder and lightning and a whole heap of mess with it.

Then rain all night tonight, and rain all day tomorrow and the next day and the next day and the next day .... so I guess that ole April Showers bring May flowers thing is happening here. ☔ 🌸 🌼 🌷 ⛈
Its DAMP ... 11C and has been raining all night and still with thunder and lightning! The high will be 14C with more rain so I guess I can't mow the lawns. Oh well ...........
Its sunny, its 6C ... it might get up to 10C today and there is a strong chance of rain! I LOVE RAINY DAYS AND SUNDAY!
+5C and overcast ... it might get up to 9C today and guess what!!!!! Its gonna rain ... some more.
+3C and its RAINING again - Still its suppose to rain on and off all day and the high will be 11C.

So ... Tuesday SUCKS!
+4C kinda sunny, sort of, maybe. It might get up to 11C and there is a strong chance of showers today. OH BOY!
1C ... sunny and a high of 12C predicted today. OH YEAH ... bring on that heat wave!
+3C overcast and suppose to be 14C today and rain due off and on all day. Allllllllllllllrighty then!
8C ... might get up to 14C and guess what???????

Its raining.
101 - 120 of 154 Posts