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2023 Complain and Nag About Your Weather!

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Here we go again ... another New Year and another log about our annoying weather in what ever part of the world you/we/us live in.

Don't be shy .... come on in and whine and complain and share the lovely or horrible weather you are experiencing in your neck of the world/woods.
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HAPPY SUNDAY .... woooo sunday. Anywayyyyyyyy ..... its 12C and was a lil bit sunny earlier and then NOPE ... its suppose to be a high of 13C with HEAVY rain off and on all today. So .... Rainy days and Sundays always get me down.

On a happier note I don't have to mow the lawns because they are still soaked from all the rain overnight. YAY!
Clear and sunny right now with a heat wave high of +6C .... it might even get up to a horrible +9C ... I can hardly wait as its suppose to rain off and on all day today as usual.

I just ordered a rubber dinghy and paddles from Amazon. Just in Case!
+4C but it might get up to +7C YAY! Its sunny-ish right now but again its predicting RAIN (just a few showers) and it will COME!

So its the same ole same ole.
+3C cold dark miserable and raining. I can feel it in my achy bones. So its gonna be a soggy dark MEH kind of day with a high of +10C.

Eh ... 🙁
7C and BOY OH BOY ... its hoooomid. 98%. Its suppose to get up to 12C today and remain hoooomid because it is suppose to rain off and on all day today as well. Right now there is a tiny bit of morning sun trying to dry up all the rain from last night.

Amazon better be sending my dinghy soon!
8C and it might get up to 14C today, at least its not raining and its suppose to be sunny today. BRING IT!
4C right now and SUNNY ... its suppose to get up to 18C today and I am so excited I could BURST!
9C ''SUNNY'' .... going to get up to 19C today and I am STOKED ... STOKED I TELL YA!
7C and SUNNY again today which makes me feel happy its only expected to get up to 16C today but that's alright. SUNSHINE is here!
5C and SUNNY again this morning .... the high today is suppose to be 23C. Its about time!
12C and slowly going to creep up to 25C today. I suppose I should put in a new filter in the furnace and check to see how the air conditioning will work. Oh yeah ..... its SUNNY!
12C and sunny-ishy, the high today will be a whoppin 26C and should be perfect! Hoping you all have a happy nice warm/hot Friday!
Sunny day and 13C this AM ... high of 22C today and more sunshine I hope. A perfect evening to BBQ ...!
10C and sunny ... YAY. The high today may get up to +16C. Another perfect day to BBQ ... until the pack of roving starving raccoons show up and beg for num nums!
6C ... might get up to 21C today and lordy lordy ... its sunny!
12C sunny and a wee chill this AM, the high today may get up to 21C and still remain sunny. I'M LOVIN THE LIGHT!
What the heck? Are we going back to winter? Its currently +4C ... sort of overcast and the high today is suppose to be 8C.

COME ON ... quit messing with me!
+2C ... might get up to 15C today which is fine cause its SUNNY out with a chance of meatballs?
8C ... sort of sunny-ish the high today is expected to be 23C ... BUT ... there is always a BIG BUTT ... there is a good chance we will be smacked with showers. So the start of the long weekend is already FAIL!
121 - 140 of 154 Posts