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2023 Complain and Nag About Your Weather!

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Here we go again ... another New Year and another log about our annoying weather in what ever part of the world you/we/us live in.

Don't be shy .... come on in and whine and complain and share the lovely or horrible weather you are experiencing in your neck of the world/woods.
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15C and 98% HOOOOMID ... because its raining and dark and dull out there. Oh well it was to be expected as it is a long weekend here so rain rain rain and more rain will plague us. This is Murphy's Law.
10C and a little hoomid, high of 19C and SUNNY ... have a great sunny Sunday where ever you may be!
HAPPY TWO - FOUR weekend to you ... or National Victoria Day. Its sunny and 10C and the high today is probably just a bunch of drunk stoners .... oh no I mean the high today in temps is predicted at 18C. So perfect for a BBQ or wandering around town and having a nosh on a sunny patio ... oh I guess that won't work as most places will be closed.

What ever ... enjoy the day!
Its a little overcast but that's okay. Its 21C and it feels like 10C ... we are oddly about a month behind in weather and temperatures. Last year I was blasting the air conditioning this time of the month. This year I wear sweaters or hoodies most mornings. GLOBAL WARMING.... its real.
13C overcastishish ... high today of 16C with a heavy chance of rain. YAY!
What is happening here? Its 9C ... and might MIGHT get up to 16C today. This morning at 6am it was 5C. I went out early and froze my thingamajiggies off. Very odd cool/cold spring here and I don't like it. At least its sunny.

Just wait until I start whining about summer in a few weeks. HAH!
8C bright and sunny and the high today might get up to a whopping 20C. BRING IT ... Happy Hottish Friday!!!!
9C but going up to a lovely 21 C today ... YAY the WEEKEND and nice weather. WHO'S IN CHARGE OF THIS WEATHER MIRACLE ... I WANNA KISS YA!
Its sunny ... 15C and doesn't feel all that warm but then I'm sitting in the shade. The high today is suppose to be 25C.

Lets see if I have to turn on a fan today .......
13C and lovely outside with sunshine and boids singing and the smell of a skunk that skunked the neighborhood. Its beginning to get warmer now ... warmer = hot. I had to sleep with the ceiling fan whirling above my head like a helicopter of doom. The high today will be a whoppin 24C ... so its on the way. YUP ..... Summer is comin!
11C bright and sunny .... so we are going from cool and comfy into intense brain melting heat now. The high today is expected to be 30C.

13C not so bright and sunny YET ... its early. Its going to be a scorcher today with a high of 30C. There will be line ups at Dairy Queen again.

People wanting Blizzards .... I'll take a chocolate dipped cone please!
Well ... its that time of the season again. HOT ... HAZY ... HUMID ... HORRIBLE! I will take Spring cold temperatures any day over this stuff.

Its 17C right now and going to be 31C today .... its sunny. BOIDS is singing and all the nature stuff is happening as usual. My allergies would love a break. Seriously. So ... the OVEN is on and the Air Conditioning is blasting day and night.

SIGH ... oh sigh.............. 🥵
17C and a high of 31C predicted for this lovely sunny Friday. KILL ME NOW ... PULEASE!!!!! 🥵
141 - 154 of 154 Posts