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6 New baby Green cheek conures

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I have taken in 6 Baby Green Cheek Conures. They have some fluff feathers.
2 older ones have some tail & wing feathers, I am worried about keeping them warm or cool enough. I live In QLD & its very hot... They were panting earlier so I took the towel to half way back. They have a hot water bottle under them.
im jsut a stress head. I hear inside the brooder must be about 3o degrees celcius but the babies seems hotter. Please ease my mind :shrug:
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Why is my youngest baby gasping for air? :(
What could be wrong? The others arn;t panting he
looks like he's trying to push something down.
Do you think the woman burnt his crop?
Tegan please remove the hot water bottle. If you are having temperatures similar to Sydney today you do not need it at all. I never use artificial heat at this time of year especially with that amount of babies in a brooder. They are keeping each other warm. I went out today at about 1pm and it was 31C then and it got hotter later. If I had youngsters in a brooder today the towel would have been removed, no hot water bottle just the lid of the terrariums that I use as brooders. I would only put the towel over the top of the brooder in the late evening so that they were covered overnight.

If the baby had a burnt crop you would find that food would be leaking from the crop usually. I think that maybe he is just hot and being the youngest he is being crowded by the older birds.
How many weeks old are the babies?

Do you have a thermometer to put in the brooder to regulate temperature?
I agree with everyone else, he could just be too hot and squished in the middle of everyone. The biggest thing to remember is their body temperature is much higher than ours, around 105 degrees Fahrenheit. So if it's really hot outside, they're roasting!

If the youngest baby is still gasping for air, bring him up close to your ear and listen to him. If it sounds clicky, or wet, he's likely aspirated. Keep him warm and comfortable and he'll likely make it through at this point. If you have the ability to administer meds or take it to the vet, a round of Baytril would help to prevent pneumonia or infection. It sounds more like a temperature concern to me than aspiration, but keep a lookout for it :thumbsup:

If the crop were burnt, and had not burst, you would see the blisters on the skin of the crop as well. We had an idiot coworker burn the crop of one of our B&G Macaws and noticed it when the skin was blistering on the outside of her crop and was discolored, looked very red in spots and darkened up like it was bruised. She made it through fine, but the burnt tissue had to be removed so her crop didn't burst. Another pretty easy fix, but costly as it requires a vet to do the procedure.
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Lots of good advice!

How are they doing Teegzy?
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