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A foraging "pig"

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He absolutely loves his foraging bowl. I wish the pictures were clearer and lighter but I wanted to snap them before his attention went from that to me.

Here he is digging around in it. It is filled with pieces of left over toys, some food etc.

He got something he really likes! A little piece of wood wrapped in paper. He promptly tossed it to the floor. :biggrin5:

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haha so cute! Great pictures! I love the second one!
What a cutie! It looks like its wrapped like a piece of candy! awww
Such a cute pic - may we see a pic of what all is in his bowl?
I'm with Andrea, let's see all the goodies. LOL
He's so cute :lovehearts:, and so busy :lol:. Foraging bowls are wonderful, I find tiels especially love to forage, my Cupid is always mooching around with her head in something. :lol:
Thanks everyone.

I'll take a pic of what's in it and post it here shortly. :)
Here it is full.

I took some of the things out in this one so y'all could see more of what's in it.

And here it is even more empty. This is his absolute favorite thing to do, besides climb on me. :lovehearts:

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awwwww , thats to cute
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