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A picture..

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Hi every one! I wanted to tell TP my exiting new's first!

Well as you know I was thinking of getting another bird, and me and my mum finally decided on a bird that we want to get, a linnie! We've found a breeder that is hand feeding a green baby linnie right now! I just checked the website today and the uploaded a picture!! We still have to contact them soon, and we wouldn't be able to pick him/her up till a little after X-mas but still!

Here's the picture:

It would be the green one

The website:
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Cute!!!!! :lovehearts: I would sooo love to get a linnie, but we don't get them here in Australia.
What a cutie pie! i Love the little lutino next to the green.
Way, WAY too adorable! :D Don't you just love baby birds?
Becca, you will just love this little girl. Congratulations.
Ohhhh Becca, how lucky you are, that baby is just precious :lovehearts:. My next bird is going to be a linnie, just as soon as I can find a breeder I'm happy with :lol:
So cute!:hearts: Congrats!
Congratulations! Sooo cute. Will the breeder keep sending you pics, so that we can all check his progress? You must be excited!
Such a cutie! Congrats on the new linnie! Now you'll have to come join us on the Linnie forum! :thumbsup:

There's so much great linnie specific information there you can really study up before your little one comes home!
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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