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a quaker and a grey!

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just for the fun of it!

apples and a piece of pancake...hmm...

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Yum! My birds love to join me for breakfast :lol: Marnie seems to be settled in beautifully!
:lol: I see she snatched herself up a big piece of pancake. :giggle:
yes...marnie made herself right at home!!
Haha- I love the last picture! Do they always eat breakfast with you?
You can tell they are loving that breakfast. Marnie looks like she's in heaven munching on the pancake. :lol:
Quakers have an expression that I always find so endearing. And if I could live my life over there would be a grey in it.
yum yum can I have some?
The last picture is priceless!

"Its mine and you cant have it!"
So sweet! Have to love the pancake shot. LOL
ITs great they both get along! Beautiful birds:biggrin5:
aw theyre both beautiful! i love greys, quakers too of course but i have a soft spot for greys :)
They are both stunning birds.
Beautiful birds :biggrin5:
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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