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Allow me to introduce myself...

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My name is Kim and I just joined this forum yesterday. I've got three budgies named Aries, Gracie and Phoenix. The good news is, they all get along.... most of the time. :p

I see many familiar members here from Talk Budgies, which is great! (Just don't forget to visit us over there too...)

Anyway, that's it from me for now!
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i knew you would come along sometime or another
welcome kim!
Former mother!
Erm.. i mean Kimm! <3
Welcome to talk parrots! I knew you'd show up soon or i'd have to drag you over here :D

Now both let's get along here so the members of TP don't think we're weird alright? ;)
I was looking at it going "Budgiekin? Why is she introducing herself she is already here" But than I realized I was on Talk Parrots not TalkBudgies :p

Anyways, welcome aboard! :D
well... i dont know you from tb like everyone else... but welcome!!
Thank you very much for the warm welcomes everyone. :) I was pleasantly surprised to see so many responses when I checked the forums today. What a friendly group indeed! :)
Hi Kim! Great to see you here too! Enjoy the forums, and welcome! :)
Hello and welcome, Kim and flock. :biggrin5:
Good to see you here and on TB. We all do seem to be taking this forum by storm. LOL
Hey Kim! Welcome to TP! :D
Welcome to the flock, Kim! Nice to meet you!
Hi Kim.:) I think we may have's great to see you here.;)
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