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Amazing crow and cat

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I know this isn't a parrot but it is a bird so I thought some of you might enjoy it if you haven't already seen it. I found it wonderful to watch.
[ame=""]YouTube - Crow and cat[/ame]
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Yes Nancy, I've seen this before, but you're right :thumbsup:, it tells a tale of love and kindness and it's a video you can never tire of watching. :biggrin5:
I've seen this before too. It really makes me wonder how some people can say that animals don't think or have feelings. It's an amazing story, to think that a Crow would care for a cat.

It reminds me of Tarzan... Except different. :rolleyes:
Aw that is amazing! I agree Masae, how can people think animals don't have feelings?

Thank you for sharing this Nancy!
Too bad people don't learn more from video's like this. I have seen it before but I still enjoy watching it.
I've seen it before but it is so worth watching every time. Just precious. :lovehearts::lovehearts:
I have not seen it before. That is amazing, it looks like the crow wants food from the cat. It is a baby crow. I wonder if they are still friends.
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