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Any breeders here?

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Do we have any parrot breeders on-board? If so, what do you breed, and how long have you been doing so?
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well ive been trying to breed for a year now but my males dont know what to do...silly boys
I breed budgies as a hobby. I have bred two pair over the past two years and raised about 25 beautiful little budgies. Most of them have gone to live with family and friends. I enjoy it so much, I would raise more, but I don't want to sell them, and there aren't enough good homes where I know they would be cared for properly by people who really appreciate them.
Well I have been Breeding Budgies since the starting of this, and I reallly enjoying it. I have had to clutches. And it has been a great sucess cause now i have new members in my little flock.

Here are my Babies.
These are two from the one right now.

And these are babies form my first clutch.

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I used to breed years ago. I had about 20+ budgies since I kept all the babies and I only bred 2 pairs at a time. Unfortunately I moved to another country and couldn't keep any of my birds :(

My babies where so healthy and tame since I spent a lot of time with them they all knew how to step-up and give kisses when I told them to. I miss them!

Now after all those years I'm trying to breed again. I have two pairs down at the moment and will make a journal as soon as they have eggs!
I used to breed lovebirds and tiels I stopped back in 1997. I just got the itch to start again.

I have a breeding pair of quakers. They are driving me crazy they lay eggs outside the nestbox. I have tried everything to get them to go in the nestbox but so far no luck.

I have a pair of parrolets they laid one egg on the bottom of the cage. I just set them up with a nestbox. They are still young they are only eight months old.

I pair of english budgies who are also driving me nuts. The breeder I bought them from had several successful clutches and they were going back in the nestbook when I got them. Since then nothing.

Can anyone who breeds budgies give some advice?
I breed Linnies. My pair has one baby so far and 5 eggs getting ready to hatch.
I've been breeding budgies for a good 2 years. 1 Clutch a year and i've kept all babies. My first time was amazing. Lilly laid 5 eggs and all hatched. Her second clutch with the new mate wasn't as good. 6 eggs and only 2 fertile. The male had no idea what he was doing sadly.

I've moved up a knotch now. I have 2 pairs of conures i plan on breeding and hand feeding the babies. Should be fun.
I have been back in breeding since 1994. Originally just budgies and have bred them previously back when I was a kid and then in later life but had to give it up as I could not afford to keep it up. Started back again in 1994 with budgies but very shortly got hooked on larger parrots starting with Cockatiels then Rainbow Lorikeets and graduating up to Alexandrines, Galah's and hopefully soon Cockatoos and Corella's. At this stage I only have one pair of Corella's I can breed with as 3 are 2 brothers and a sister, I have one totally unrelated male to go with the female. I have 4 pairs of Galah's plus a couple of spare males. I have 8 Cockatoos, 1 bonded pair that are just coming up to breeding age. I tried to get Charlie my female baby to breed with George (Harry Houdini) but unfortunately because George had been an only too for many years he was just terrified of Charlie. He had never been really socialized and even though Charlie did everything right like bending over for him and shaking he used to run the other direction. Hopefully I will have more luck with Heckle the male of the terrible twins and Charlie together when Heckle is old enough.
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I hope to breed some tiels this year, now that I have a few good pairs. I also hope to breed my lovies when Snowflake is old enough. I mostly just handfeed for other breeders though. That is my favorite part and I find most of the ones in my area either hate it or just don't have the time.
I'm going to be breeding Cockatiels - soon I hope. :)

There's lots of Budgie breeders, I am also going to be breeding a pair of my Budgies, but maybe not until next year.
I used to breed cockatiels, Moose is actually one of my babies from 9 years ago. I intend to breed my linnies but it will be a while before I have the time to do so. I don't want to do it until I have the time to hand-feed and raise the little ones :lovhearts: But, knowing my birds and the nature of the thing, I'm sure I'll have eggs before I know it! :lol:
lets see i have been breeding about 3 years i have 7 breeding pairs of cockatiels
i will be breeding these in the near future kakarikisand green cheek conures
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