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Anybody have a Goldies Lorikeet?

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Hi, I have a beautiful Goldies Lorikeet. His name is Kiwi. He is fun and playful and very friendly. He says some words like "give me a kiss" and "kiss kiss"
and "hi" and mumbles other things that I can't understand. He mimics some sounds.
I wrap sahran wrap on the lower part of his cage because he droppings are very waterey since he drinks nectar.
He also loves grapes, apples, oranges, pineapple and other fruits. he loves corn and carrots and rice too.
Here are some pictures.My son is in the picture enjoying Kiwi, Enjoy.


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Kiwi is beautiful.
i wish I owned a goldies lorikeet, they are so stunning.
Kiwi is a beauty:lovehearts:, his colours are so vibrant, I love the short dark barring on his neck and chest, it makes the red stand out even more.
Beautiful bird :biggrin5: Guess your son thinks so too :biggrin5:
Kiwi is so cute :) but that beak looks awful sharp.
Thanks for the nice replys, his beak looks sharp but when he nips us it is very soft. He does not normally bite but just in play.
He is beautiful!:)
Kiwi is SO cute!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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