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Anyone own an IRN?

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I can say, I will by next week, (Monday hopefully) own a 9 week old Sky Blue IRN. :lovehearts:

This is my first BIG bird, the next one down is my Quaker. I was going to get a Green Quaker, but fell in love with this IRN.. and I had to say "I'LL TAKE HIM/HER". :biggrin5: Not DNA sexed yet obviously, but I plan on having him/her DNA sexed.
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Solace, they are fun birds! They need to be handled regularly (which with you won't be a problem, I'm sure! :thumbsup:) or they get a little... I don't want to say fearful, but hand shy? They don't seem to be very touchy-feely but love interaction.

Honestly, I wouldn't pay for a DNA test - they are sexually dimorphic if you don't mind waiting for his/her first big molt. The females have no ring
That's what I was thinking too. I don't think you need the DNA testing.
Wow how exciting for you! I look forward to many stories and pics!
I'll wait then instead of having him ooor her, DNA sexed. He said at the moment, the baby has been really quiet and he thinks maybe male?

I'm aware of what I'm up for, I don't start school (hopefully) until Feb next year so plenty of time. The breeder said that he handles the baby a lot so it'll be hand-friendly and really tame.
Congratulations! :D

I've worked with IRNs before and I own one of their smaller cousins, a Plum-headed Parakeet. I just love Asiatic parrots! They are one of my favourite types to own! :D

Jenny is right when she says they are not very touch-feely birds. Asiatic parrots are known to despise cuddles and scritches. It has something to do with their feathers sitting very close to their bodies and they hate having them ruffled and touched. In fact, they are not even very cuddly with their own mates. :rolleyes:

However, they love being with you and seeing what you are doing. So they will happily ride around on your shoulder all day to see what you get up to. :)

Also, be prepared for a very loud screeching session in the mornings and afternoons! Clopin, my Plum-head, is suppose to be one of the quieter Aisiatic species... but she is so loud! :eek: I can hear her all the way down the street when I'm walking my dog. It is a loud fire alarm type sound.

She can also sing beautifully too. I just love her happy chirpy sounds. :D Too bad they aren't known for their talking ability. :( It would be so much better if Clopin could wake up the household with some friendly human chatter instead of her screech!

Also, stock up on lots of fruits and veggies! :D Asiatics just love them and will gladly eat just those when given the chance. Also, offer your IRN a mealworm every now and then and also a bit of lorikeet mix. They really benefit from the "nectar and pollen" the lory mix provides and the protein from the mealworm is great too! :)

And also... remember to post lots of photos please! :D
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Thanks Kelsey, I'll keep that in mind. :biggrin5: I'll def. post loads of photos too.

6 days left! :yikes: :hehe:
Oooh, I can't wait to meet him/her! :biggrin: The days will fly by, no worries!
Looking forward to pics!:)
:mcongratulations: I guess there are always exceptions, I've seen some very cute IRN's on you tube talking up a storm. :giggle:
Ringnecks are the best talkers of the Asiatics, if I have it right :confused: I've had customers come in with some that say at least 5-10 words, which isn't a lot, but is still pretty good to me :thumbsup: I know they are very good at learning tricks though!
I've been doing lots of reading and every site has said they're on of the best talkers and can even be better talkers than Quakers. :) (I won't tell Keiko that though!)
:mcongratulations: I guess there are always exceptions, I've seen some very cute IRN's on you tube talking up a storm. :giggle:
I meant that Plum-headed Parakeets, like my Clopin, aren't known for their talking abilities. :)
I'm excited for you. I love this group of birds! Thinking of getting me an Alexandrine. :)
They're lovely birds too! :biggrin5:
I meant that Plum-headed Parakeets, like my Clopin, aren't known for their talking abilities. :)
Oops, sorry, my mistake :giggle:
I have a bit of a tough decision..

The breeder just emailed me, he said everything's still looking ok to bring the baby over on Monday.. BUT he's now offering me a Blue Lacewing IRN which is still on 2 hand-feedings a day. (I assume it's a lot younger then)

So I can get the Sky Blue baby that I was originally going to get OR I can get this Blue Lacewing IRN baby that's still on 2 feedings. I know how to hand-feed, I have experience so it wouldn't be a problem, I just don't know which one! :lol:
Decision is made...

I'm getting the Blue Lacewing. I just think that s/he being so young, I'll be able to get a good bond with him/her. I'll need to hand-feed him/her still twice a day which isn't a problem.. but the breeder said it's close to weaning.. so 3 more days! (if it goes according to plan and he can still drop him/her off)
Oh, sounds fun! It's always so exciting to have a baby to play with - start using that harness you have on this one right away :wink: And cuddles, cuddles, cuddles! The more you expose him to now the better, since they tend to be stubborn little birds :lol:
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