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Apple is yummy

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Yesterday I managed to get Cutie to come out of her cage, and decided to cut up some apple for her to munch on while she was on her play gym. I was a little worried, since she hasn’t had any fruit in awhile, but to my surprise the second she saw it she started reaching out for it!
I let her have it, and she dug in!

It took me a few minutes to realize what she was doing. Instead of eating the apple, she was just ripping off chunks and flinging them all over the room. I spend the next ten minutes trying to find all the little pieces of apple in the carpet.
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Ha! That sound just like a little kid, I mean fid. :biggrin5:
:lol: That's her way of telling you that she would prefer something else :lol:
Haha, what a little brat! :lol: Loki does that sometimes - thankfully we have tile! :p
Cutie, you little bugger :lol:. Don't you just love when you've spent ages preparing tasty treats for them, and then they go and shred them and decorate your walls with them. :shrug:
Oh man, I've seen that same movie. :lol:
Naughty little bird! :lol:
Can't stay mad at them for long though, can you? :giggle:
They look at you with the 'I'm innocent' look and all hard feelings go out the window LOL.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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