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Are these bird safe?

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I have some plants growing in my garden and I want to know if the following are safe for my parrot and budgie: peppermint, hot pepper (either the leaf or the fruit), cucumber leaf, eggplant leaf.
I'd also like to know if water spinach, also known as ong choy, is safe to eat.
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Well, I know Eggplant is bad for birds, so I would assume the greens may not be safe? As to the other plants, here's a great site with bird-safe and toxic plants, complete with photos. It says peppermint is safe :)

Common Name
Botanical Name
Mentha x piperita
Eggplant is bad for birds? I wouldn't think that the leaves or stems etc would be safe, but I didn't know about the fruits themselves being bad. I'll add that to the list that I have hanging next to her cage.
I'm not sure - It's on the toxic list on the linnie forum is all I know. Perhaps look into it a little more?
Thanks for the page! It's been bookmarked :D
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